How does UV Disinfection for Water work?

So, you are running a production unit or business that requires a lot of water day in and out. It’s literally impossible to use water obtained from natural resources such as rainwater tanks, streams, or bores. We know that they contain microbes, posing a risk to your workers’ health.

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Combating HAIs with UVC Chambers at Hospitals

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are those that are contracted by a person while in the hospital. HAIs occur either from a patient to another patient or from a patient to a non-patient accompanying him/her. The probability of HAI transmissions becomes

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3 Common Myths About UV Light Sanitizer

Myth #1 . UV Light Sanitizer Is A New Technology- False UV-C is a 100 years old  technology for disinfecting air, water and surfaces.  Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 and considered to be the first to use

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