4 common and relevant questions about UVC disinfection after the Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 changed many things, global-wide, but the main change was probably the understanding that public health matters can reflect on every part of our life: education, economy, employment, etc. With this understanding, businesses have started to look for a constant solution to preventing contagion in public places. As the vaccine turned out to be effective, some questions remained open: 

Is it still relevant to invest in UVC disinfection, considering the vaccine?

Absolutely yes. Even with a high recent of people who got vaccinated, some are not yet vaccinated for different reasons: cannot get the vaccine for medical background reasons, choose not to vaccinate, or not in the relevant age. Also, even with knowing more about the vaccine, it is still not proven that the vaccine can prevent contagion without symptoms. 

Can UV light disinfection replace regular cleaning?

No. traditional cleaning is still needed but the UVC sanitizing has an important role in accomplishing traditional cleaning. UVC sanitizing can obliterate 99% of germs, viruses, and microorganisms.  

Does UV light disinfection effective only against Covid-19?

No. UVC sanitizer has been proven to be effective (even up to LOG 6 in some cases) for many Pathogens such as E-coli, Rota, hepatitis A, Salmonella, etc. For example, the PXL UV sanitizer designed and develop by Izak Scientific was proven to sanitize antibiotic-resistant pathogen and the MARSA up to Log 5. 

Can UV light sanitizer be used in restaurants and dining rooms? 

Like the restaurants, hotels, and dining rooms return to full activity this question is relevant, especially when it comes to food. the answer, by the way, is yes. The technology of UVC disinfection using pulsed xenon light has been checked and approved by the FDA (for food and beverages) 

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