LED Tester

The LED’s color and position system were designed to detect LED colors and position on PCB boards or indication bottoms on electronics



LED’s Color and Position Recognition System

The LED’s color and position systems were designed to detect LED colors and positions on PCB boards or indication bottoms on electronics.


The system includes an imager with optics and software applications. The software application can be an API (DLL file) integrated into other automated testers or as a standalone tester application.

The API or application only has four commands:

Open/Close camera (can work with images instead of the camera)

Learning a new configuration: For example, one configuration for one type of PCB and another configuration for a different PCB type. Each PCB type (or other LED configuration) needs a specific configuration file after learning.

Test – assessing all LEDs that are currently operated and log results to a *.csv log file (see more information below).

The test command is executed without any GUI and provides Pass/Fail test results based on matching-grade criteria defined by the user. The system can indicate whether the colors and configuration are correct and locate missing or disabled LEDs.


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