PXL Scientific – Pulsed Xenon Lamp Module



Pulsed Xenon Lamp Module for UV-VIS-IR emission operated as standalone or software-driven or with analog input harness.

Main Features:

  1. Voltage settings: 500V to 850V in 8 steps
  2. Repetition rate: 0.2Hz to 2Hz or single pulse
  3. Electrical energy: up to few J/pulse (can be modified)

Watch a short demonstration:

12VDC input

PXL Operation Modes

1.Standalone: The lamp is operated at a set repetition rate (e.g. 1Hz) with a 12VDC input. The voltage level can be set manually.

2.Software driven: The lamp is operated via embedded onboard software or software on a host PC via USB cable. Lamp Control software application is included.

3.Analog input: The lamp is operated with an external 16-pin analog harness. Users can set and get all parameters with an external controller. The system can optionally be packaged with an NI sbRIO single-board controller and software application.

Do you need more? Most electronic, mechanical, and optical parameters can be customized upon request

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