PXL Sanitizer And UVC Chamber: Fast Just Got Faster

We live in a high-speed world. We multitask at work because we have more projects to complete. The internet is getting faster and faster. With a click of the mouse we buy a product from Amazon and expect the same day delivery because we are all in a hurry.

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UV disinfection : LED vs. pulsed Xenon uv light

In a world full of disinfectant products, it becomes harder and harder to make decisions. There are hundreds of products available on the market. There are chemical disinfectants, and there are physical disinfectants like ultraviolet disinfection units with UVC light.

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Introduction to UV light disinfection

Disinfectants are widely used to prevent and control microbes that are dangerous to human health. There are two types of disinfectants: chemical and physical.

Chemical and Physical Disinfectants. Mechanism of Action

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10 Bright Ideas for LED Choice

Since the invention of electro-optical light-emitting diodes or LEDs in the 1960s, these devices have found numerous uses. An LED offers a great many benefits that other technologies simply cannot match.

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UV-Light Disinfection is the Road Ahead

The world is struggling right now due to the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. With the fatal occurrence that made the whole world feel a blow, many crucial lessons have been learned—especially those on sanitation. Most of us

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