Best Way to Sanitize Your Phones, Face Masks, Wallet, and More

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has taught the world to practice better sanitizing techniques, from proper hand washing to wearing masks, to keep bacteria and viruses at bay in public places as well as at home. However, some of our daily use items, like cellphones, laptops, keys, and door handles, are rarely disinfected and are full of germs and viruses. Then, there are reusable face masks. Do we have enough time to wash and dry them before reusing them?

All these daily use items are the least considered while thinking of sanitizing, as they are difficult to disinfect with traditional disinfecting techniques. While UV light has been in use for many years in healthcare, water treatment, and other areas, the COVID-19 has made us use this technology as a basic disinfecting practice. UV light sanitizer can be the best way to sanitize your keys, facemasks, laptop, keyboards, cellphones, wallets, etc., without damaging them.

How UV Light Disinfection Devices Works?

UV light disinfection kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and germs by damaging their DNA, RNA, or nucleic acids. The UVC light works like molecular scissors that remove the genetic material and kills common bacteria like Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.

To eliminate the risk of a virus from a surface, expose the surface directly to UVC radiation. The power of UVC light will kill viruses and bacteria and disinfect the surface. To sanitize your daily use items, place items to make UV light fall directly on them. You can disinfect your wallet, cellphone, face mask, sunglasses, gadgets, etc., using a UV disinfection lamp.

Is It Safe for Humans?

UV-based devices are completely safe to use if used properly. However, exposure to UV light is harmful to human and animal skin, as it can cause damage to your skin, eyes, and other body parts. For this reason, exposure to the skin should be avoided at any cost.

However, UV light is completely safe to sanitize these items. Many UV light disinfection devices like PXL sanitizer come with an automated feature. The device operates only when it detects no human presence in the area.

What items should be sanitized with UV Disinfection Lamp?

You can disinfect devices that you frequently use, such as phone, wallet, face mask, sunglasses, keys, door handles, furniture, keyboard, mouse, etc. These items will require sanitizing even after the COVID-19 ends.

What cannot be disinfected?

UV light is harmful to live organisms, and as long as you don’t have contact with the light or are not exposed to any human or animal, it is completely safe. It is safe to disinfect all kinds of objects, including utensils, baby toys, electronics, and furniture.

Even after the pandemic is over, this new technique of sanitizing will not go anywhere. We will probably see airports, hotels, and public places use UVC-based devices for sanitizing. Moreover, many companies have developed portable robots that use UV light to clean and disinfect the surroundings. So, UV sanitizing technique is here to stay even after the pandemic due to its high potential to eliminate viruses and bacteria from all types of surfaces.


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