Best Way to Sanitize Your Phones, Face Masks, Wallet, and More

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has taught the world to practice better sanitizing techniques, from proper hand washing to wearing masks, to keep bacteria and viruses at bay in public places as well as at home. However, some of our daily use items, like cellphones, laptops, keys, and door handles, are rarely disinfected and are full […]

How can UV Light help Hospitals Sterilize Gowns and Masks?

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues, hospitals face a shortage of gowns, masks, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Consequently, many hospitals are now opting to disinfect and reuse masks and PPE. The most effective way to disinfect gowns and masks is to use UV light sanitizer. UV light has already been in use for disinfecting […]