How can UV Light help Hospitals Sterilize Gowns and Masks?

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues, hospitals face a shortage of gowns, masks, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Consequently, many hospitals are now opting to disinfect and reuse masks and PPE.

The most effective way to disinfect gowns and masks is to use UV light sanitizer. UV light has already been in use for disinfecting operation theaters and patient rooms in many hospitals. UV light kills microorganisms, including germs, bacteria, and viruses similar to COVID-19 coronavirus. Also, UV disinfection is highly useful against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Effectiveness of UV light in Disinfecting PPE and Masks

As hospitals are using equipment and masks that were never meant to be reused, these should be disinfected properly. Disinfecting this equipment using UV light can be a perfect way if used correctly.

Suppose a flat surface contains coronavirus particles, and if this surface is exposed to direct UVC radiation, all the virus particles will be killed. However, this is the ideal case. Face masks and PPE gowns will contain hidden folds and crevices where UVC light cannot reach easily. Hence, to disinfect, every area of this equipment needs to be exposed to UV radiation to eliminate the risk of the virus.

Moreover, not using UV light devices effectively can be harmful. Exposure of human skin to UV light can lead to skin and eye damage, as it is the same thing that causes skin-related problems like sunburns and skin cancer. Hence, it is advisable to use UV-based devices with the utmost care, and these devices should operate only when no person is present in the room.

One should also remember that repeated disinfection with UV light and reuse of this equipment can also be harmful. Repeated exposure to UV and chemical disinfectants can cause wear and tear to this equipment, making them ineffective. Hence, hospitals should know how many times they can reuse these products without destroying their integrity.

Should Hospitals use UV Light for Disinfecting PPE?

With increasing cases of COVID-19, hospitals continuously face the problem of PPE and mask shortage. So, to eliminate the risk of infection, they are disinfecting used masks and PPE to reuse it. Ideally, using UV light treatment, along with traditional chemical-based disinfection techniques like hydrogen peroxide treatment, can minimize the risk of coronavirus hiding in the folds of masks and gowns.

Using effective sanitizing and disinfecting treatment can help hospitals meet the demand-supply gap of masks and PPE gowns and work efficiently against coronavirus during these difficult situations.

How to eliminate the Risk of Exposure to UV Radiation?

As we know, exposure to UV radiation can be harmful to human skin, which should always be kept in mind while using such devices. Before using a UV disinfection lamp, read the instructions manual carefully. Many UV light sanitizer devices like PXL devices include an automated feature that turns it off whenever it detects a human presence in the room. The person using the device should also be familiar with the risks associated and all the safety measures to be used while operating the device.

With the power to eliminate coronavirus risk, the ultraviolet disinfection devices have been proving handy in disinfecting masks and PPE gowns for reuse. To know more about these devices, click here


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