UV Light Sanitizer is More Relevant Today than Ever

As the Covid-19 pandemic seems to hurt the population and economies all over the globe, we tend to find more and more information about the way it spreads. One thing that seems to escalate the situation is the transmission of COVID-19 through surfaces. Luckily, we already have a valid solution in the form of UV Light Sanitizer to combat the situation.

What is UV Light sanitizer?

In simple terms, it is a compact UV light-enabled tool. It works by releasing light pulses—delivered by a xenon gas lamp. As many
of you might be aware of already, pulsed UV radiation of 200-280 nm is proven to disinfect the air, water, and surfaces. It is capable of eradicating or
neutralizing even antibiotic-resistant microbes.

How does it work?

When the UV light from a high-quality UV Light Sanitizer falls on the desired area of action and the area is exposed for a
sufficient period, it can disinfect the surface from several types of viruses, including the deadly novel coronavirus.

What kind of surfaces can be sanitized? 

Almost all common spaces and surfaces, including refrigerator handles, glasses, keys, toilet seats, countertops, switches, chairs, etc., can
be sanitized using a UV light sanitizer.

The UV light used in the sanitizer is suitable only for surfaces, air, and water. Humans should keep a distance from it. Having said
that, the use of a UV Light sanitizer is absolutely safe and easy!


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 Benefits of Ultraviolet light Sanitizer


§  Chemical-free

§  Highly effective against most viruses, including Coronavirus

§  Low maintenance

§  Environmentally friendly method of disinfecting surfaces and killing bacteria, molds, germs, viruses, etc.

Is Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer Safe?

While most ultraviolet light sanitizers in the market today are perfectly safe to use in the industrial lines and even at homes, it’s to be noted that direct exposure to UV radiation is harmful. This is why it’s important to look for an instrument capable of working on its own. Our PXL UV light sanitizer is one-of-its-kind that can be fixed anywhere, and with the electric supply, it can work on its own when you are not present there. This means that human exposure can be avoided by using instruments like PXL that can work automatically with sensors.

You should invest in an ultraviolet light sanitizer from a reliable supplier like iZak Scientific. Order your PXL Sanitizer device today