How can UV Light Sanitizers help Your Restaurant in this Pandemic?

When the coronavirus pandemic struck the whole world, hospitality was the one that got badly hit amongst many in. The industry was shut down for many months. With the relaxations into effects and the world adjusting itself to the new normal, hotels and restaurants are starting to get back on track.

The restaurant owners understood that safety is now the topmost priority for the customers. So, they started investing in UV light sanitizers and UVC sanitizing instruments. 

Why only UV light Sanitizing?

The UV-C rays are highly effective against coronavirus because of its short wavelength. It is strong enough to kill the virus. The UV light disinfection device is capable of destroying the genetic material of the virus.

A common question asked by many people is that sun rays also have the UVC rays, but somehow there is no evidence about whether the sun rays can kill the virus or not. The explanation is here: UVC radiation from the sun is blocked by the ozone layer in the atmosphere. So, sunlight reaching us doesn’t contain UVC rays and are not effective against the virus.

Ultraviolet light sanitizers can be beneficial for sanitizing surfaces that can’t be washed or cleaned. For example, the restaurant’s menu card is something that will come in contact with almost everyone, but you can’t wash.

Here, the UV light for disinfection comes in handy and is useful as well. However, it is stated by the experts UV sanitization cannot replace washing hands with soap and water. 

Are UV Light Sanitizers beneficial in the Restaurant Industry?

As the reopening of the businesses is coming into effect, the opening of restaurants involves major safety concerns. As the restaurants are adapting to the new normal, it is hard for businesses to gain the trust of their customers.

Although excitement is seen, there is a sense of hesitation and concern regarding safety in the customers’ minds. Switching to UV rays sanitizers and other UV devices is a great option to disinfect the restaurant and gain their confidence in the safety measures.

According to the recent study by the National Public Radio, it was found that UV disinfection lamp could help in killing the airborne diseases.

Where can we use the UV Sanitizing Lamps in the Restaurants?

The government has laid down various guidelines for restaurant operations. Some guidelines include sanitization, thermal screening, and social distancing. But talking about the UV light disinfectants, there are many ways to use sanitizers in the restaurants to keep customers safe. Let’s talk about some ways how we can kill the corona-causing germs using UV rays. 

UV disinfection can help restaurants in the following ways:

  • UV sanitizers can help sanitize shared contact surfaces. 
  • These devices can be used to disinfect your order-managing devices with disinfection lamps
  • UV Light can easily help in disinfecting the washrooms.
  • It can disinfect the sitting area, including the chairs and tables.

Aren’t these UV sanitizers bliss? They surely are. This is the reason we offer you an amazing range of PXL UV light sanitizers. What are you waiting for? Get one for your restaurant and get back to the grind.


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