We Shed Light on Your Next Optical Product

Optical and electro-optical systems can be complicated beasts, especially with the technical landscape for optical and electro-optical systems evolving quickly. New applications in autonomous vehicles, tests and measurements, scientific instruments, novel sensors, and other advanced areas can be difficult to develop and commercialize. With the pace of technological advancements, innovative companies need to get to the market early to remain competitive.

Innovators in a variety of industries can benefit from expert consulting and design services. If you’re developing a new product, an optical design consultant can help you determine the best design decisions to ensure your new product is functional, rugged, and scalable. An experienced optical design consultant can help you make the smart component selection, sub-system design, and mechanical design decisions. With the right optical design consultant by your side, you can reduce the number of simulation, prototyping, testing, and rebuild cycles, ensuring you get to the market before your competition.

IZAK Scientific: Your Optical Design Consultant

The optical design consultant team at IZAK Scientific has extensive experience in engineering optical and electro-optical systems for a number of advanced applications. We provide design and engineering services to the medical, defense, aerospace, robotics, and several other industries. You can leverage our team’s extensive electrical and optical design consultant experience to maximize product functionality, quality, and capabilities. As an ISO9001:2015-certified engineering and design firm, we have the expertise to ensure your new product will pass stringent quality control standards while being manufacturable at scale.

What IZAK Scientific Can Do For You

As a leading optical design consulting company, we can help transform your next great idea from a sketch on paper into a fully-functional prototype. Our portfolio spans a broad range of projects, including the design and development of light sources, radiometry systems, sensors, medical devices, and command-and-control systems. Our expertise spans across imaging, photonics, spectroscopy, and related optical applications. We’ll ensure your next system will be ready to produce at scale, and we can support your team with advice on sourcing components, fabrication, assembly, and future upgrades.

Light Source Selection

We can provide the best advice on the adequate light source to use for your next optical system. Our expertise spans lasers, LEDs, xenon lamps, and the optical components required to integrate these light sources into your system.

Detector Selection

We can also advise on the best choice of detector or sensor to use for light detection, including photodiodes, photodiode arrays, spectrometer, thermopile sensors, CCDs, imagers, or cameras. With our experience in selecting components and modeling, we ensure your system has the right sensitivity and bandwidth for your desired application.

Lens Design

If your system requires one or more lenses, we’ll optimize the optical path and help you select commercial off-the-shelf lenses required for your system. In the event you need a customized lens, we can determine the lens design your system requires.

Optical Simulation and Modeling

We’ll examine and optimize the behavior of a complicated optical system through simulation and perform deep optical analysis of your system. We are equipped with the best optical simulation and modeling tools on the market. By modeling all aspects of your system, including the field of view, depth of field, uniformity, bandwidth, and light distribution, we can optimize your system and eliminate the need for redesigns.

Optical System Design

Whether you are designing a new product or needing an existing product modified, we can design and improve your optical system. We’ll help design your optical assembly to meet important specifications, including the required field of view, depth of field, uniformity, detection sensitivity, and bandwidth. With multi-channel systems, we validate each optical channel to ensure optical paths are optimized and there is no crosstalk between channels. Thus, we will make sure that your system provides the required performance.

Control Hardware/Software Engineering

Most optical systems require some type of electronic control, sensing, and measurement system. We are intimately familiar with both aspects of complex optical and electro-optical systems, and we can provide an electrical design to support your new system. We’ll also build applications to support your control or test and measurement systems in LabView, and we engineer firmware to control your next embedded optical or opto-electronic system.

If you’re looking for an optical design consultant for your next project, look no further than IZAK Scientific. With our broad range of experience in the optics industry, we’re the ideal choice to support product development from ideation to full-scale manufacturing. We’ll work with you to optimize all aspects of your next product and ensure it can be produced at scale. Feel free to contact us to discuss your design challenges. We look forward to hearing from you!

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