Why Should You Seriously Consider UV Disinfection to Contain Covid19

The world is indeed fighting against an invisible enemy—Covid19. Ever since this coronavirus outbreak started, the sales of alcohol sanitizers have seen a surge. It was to the level that the stock went nil in several parts.
  1. The world is indeed fighting against an invisible enemy—Covid19. Ever since this coronavirus outbreak started, the sales of alcohol sanitizers have seen a surge. It was to the level that the stock went nil in several parts. Yes, we must accept the fact that sanitizers (with at least 60% alcohol) will help reduce the risk of contracting infections, including Covid19.

    However, we should not neglect the fact that rubbing our hands with this handy stuff is not the only solution to contain this lethal virus. With the increasing global infection, as well as death rate, it’s high time that we think out-of-the-box options to contain this coronavirus. Let’s see how UV light disinfection can help in this regard.

    UV Disinfection—the Need of the Hour

    UV or Ultraviolet light is a well-known disinfectant that is being used to steer clear of microbes from the air, water, and surfaces. The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) strongly believes that UV light disinfection can play a significant role in reducing the Covid19 spread. This claim was based on the recent UV light disinfection effectiveness data coupled with empirical evidence. As such, IUVA has formed a committee that includes leading experts from across the globe to set up guidelines on the effective use of this disinfection technology as a measure to decrease the Covid19 transmission.

    Facts about UV Light Disinfection

    It’s to be noted that the term UV light here represents the UVC light energy of wavelength 200 to 280 nm. Be it scientific, medical, or technical representation, UV light disinfection always denotes this light energy.

    Well, this UVC light has been in use for disinfecting purposes for more than four decades now. Unanimously, all bacteria and viruses had responded to this disinfection, including other coronaviruses. Although some microbes are more prone to UV light disinfection than others, there is no organism that has not responded to this methodology.

    UV Light Disinfection Effectiveness vs. Covid19

    Now, the question is, “How can we utilize this promising disinfection technology in mitigating the spread of Covid19?

    Here are some ways to use the UV light disinfection effectiveness against coronavirus:

    • Combining this UVC disinfection with other technologies in a multi-barrier approach
    • Minimizing the risk of transmission by disinfecting the plastic and steel surfaces with UV light
    • Utilizing the UV light disinfection in hospitals
    • Reducing the virus load with UV light disinfection to reduce the risk of transmission
    • Ensuring the optimal exposure time to get the maximum benefits

    Why UV Light Disinfection Devices?

    So, UV light disinfection is promising to contain the coronavirus spread. Now, let’s try to understand why you should consider UV light devices like PXL Sanitizer in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. First, these UV sanitizers are designed to inactive air, as well as solid surfaces in the healthcare industry. As such, these devices can be used to disinfect the surfaces like:

    • Handles
    • Toilet seats
    • Keyboards
    • Mice
    • Plates
    • Pens
    • Remote controls

    In the current situation, healthcare experts recommend these UV light devices to be used in the food and beverage industry—especially in industrial kitchens. In the wake of this global pandemic, the use of shared surfaces like fridge handles poses a serious threat. In such cases, these devices will be of great help.

    All you have to do is install a reputable UV light device in the unit above these handles or other such surfaces. As and when a person leaves the handle off, the device will activate automatically and disinfect the area, thereby making it microbe or Covid19 free for other people who are about to use it.

    Know about the PXL Sanitizer – UV Light Disinfection for Covid19 here.


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