Who Can Benefit From An UVC Light Sanitizer?

Wondering if you could use a UVC light sanitizer? See if you answer “yes” to one of the following:

1.You have children. Whether your children go to daycare, school, or college, your children come in contact with many others, as well as with teachers. While the media focuses on Sars-Cov-2, there are plenty of bacteria and viruses that are easily spread among children.

This is where an UV light sanitizer comes in handy. Use it for quick disinfection of clothes, books, phone, and other items your child carries in the backpack.

2.You work in a hospital, lab, doctor’s office, or pharmacy. These are all “hot spots” where germs spread quickly. These workplaces often have outbreaks, millions of people get infected in hospitals, and these healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are on the rise [2]. Labs handle and test a variety of microbes, while the other places are frequently visited by patients who have infections. There is an increase of  “microbial load” on the surfaces and indoor air that makes the people more susceptible to get an infection in these places.

A UV light sanitizer can be used in two ways. You can have one at home. Once you get home from work, simply put all your clothing and small items like phone, keys, and wallet to disinfection. Secondly, you can talk to the management, and get a UV light sanitizer at work- so you and other employees, could benefit from effective UV disinfection.

3.You are a frequent traveler. Airplanes and trains are germ super-spreaders. Believe it or not, the tray tables on the plane carry  20 times more germ colonies than the handle of the plane’s toilet. Airport water, fountain buttons, the individual air controls above seats, and cabin seatbelts are among the most-touched spots [1]. Since you travel, you’ll need a hotel to stay overnight, too. Hotels are another place with plenty of contaminated surfaces: washrooms, TV remote, door knobs, lights, and more. While a few airplanes and hotels are currently using UV robots, the majority do not.

There is a simple solution: carry a portable UV light sanitizer during your travel. Once you get to the hotel, make sure you disinfect your clothing, luggage, and small items like wallet, phone, watch and passport.

4.You want an UV light sanitizer for your peace of mind. The COVID-19 pandemic made us more and more aware of the germs around us. We  wash our hands more than ever. You are more careful when you touch that cart at the grocery store, push a button in the elevator, use the ATM at the bank or the gas pump, right?

Use hand sanitizer on the spot. Once you get home, wash your hands, and use the UV light sanitizer for your grocery shopping, wallet, and your phone. Know that out of hundreds of studies that tested  UVC light for various bacteria, viruses, and fungi- there was no microbe found to not be susceptible to UVC light [3]. What is important, however, is to get a high quality, effective UV light sanitizer and to use it properly and safely.

Whether you need a UV light sanitizer for small items or air disinfection, IZAK Scientific got you covered. Designed by experts, tested by third-party labs, the UV light sanitized use the most advanced UVC technology called pulsed xenon light. Full training material included. Email us today to place an order!


2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK2683/



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