Ultraviolet Disinfection to Sanitize Shopping Carts

Given the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, people are becoming extra cautious about their safety. They are implementing cleaning and sanitizing practices like regular hand washing, disinfecting regular use items, and using sanitizers to keep their hands and other items free from germs and viruses. Disinfecting every surface has become the need of the hour. Using traditional disinfection can be tiring when cleaning large areas and a huge volume of items.

To disinfect large areas, such as malls, airports, subways, etc., a faster, effective, and more reliable method is required. One such method is the UV light disinfection process for cleaning surfaces and items. This technique of disinfecting shared surfaces has been around for quite a while but is gaining popularity only during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. UV sanitization is being used worldwide for disinfecting surfaces at airports, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, manufacturing units, and more. Recently, ultraviolet light is being used to disinfect supermarket trolleys.

How can UV Light Sanitize Supermarket Trolleys?

Wiping down trolleys in supermarkets with chemical disinfectants can be tiring. Therefore, supermarkets are investing in ultraviolet disinfection technology to disinfect trolleys to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. The disinfection device bombards the trolleys or shopping carts with UV-C light to sanitize them. The customers just have to wheel the cart into the box and close the door. Within a few seconds, the whole cart is sanitized and pops out of the device. The strong UV-C radiations kill the germs and viruses from the cart and disinfect them completely.

Is UV Disinfection Safe?

UV disinfection is a completely safe and effective way of sanitization. However, the users are required to follow the instructions carefully not to get exposed to UV light. Exposure to UV light can be harmful to human skin and should be avoided at any cost. Exposure to UV radiation can cause serious problems like wrinkles, early aging, skin damage, skin cancer, eyes damage, etc.

How to eliminate the Risk of Exposure to UV Radiation?

As UV radiation is harmful to the skin, exposure to the skin should be avoided. Hence, while using UV disinfection devices, usage instructions provided by the manufacturer need to be followed properly to eliminate the risk of exposure. The devices should be installed and used only when there is no human presence in its surroundings.

To make it easier, manufacturers of these devices like IZAK Scientific take extra care to design a device like PXL sanitizer that is completely safe for use. Such devices include a feature of operating only when there is no human presence around the device. The box devices, like those being used in supermarkets, only operate when the door is closed properly.

UV disinfection is a safe and reliable process of disinfecting surfaces that are difficult to keep clean using traditional disinfecting processes. Ultraviolet radiation can also disinfect areas that are normally hard to access manually. By using this advanced technology, supermarkets can sanitize shopping carts quickly and keep the COVID-19 coronavirus away from their stores. To know more about UV disinfecting devices and buy one, click here.


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