Disinfecting Gym and Fitness Centers with UVC Chambers

With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, many public centers, including malls, theatres, playgrounds, schools, airports, hotels, and fitness centers, have been shut down. The last on the list, however, is the gym, the most crucial hotspot, as there is a high probability of harmful pathogen transmission from one person to another, including the coronavirus. Believe it or not, the stinkiness from a gym’s locker room is not because of the sweat, but the bacteria. When you enter the locker room the next time, ensure you wash your hands during exit!

Shocking Statistics about Gym Cleanliness

A study of 3 different gyms involving 27 different equipment (like treadmill, exercise bike) revealed,

  • The presence of more than a million colonies of bacteria per square inch on an average.
  • Particular equipment was found to have 362X germs than a toilet seat.
  • Another piece of equipment was found to have 74X germs than a public bathroom faucet.
  • The presence of gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria that may cause skin infection and may have developed antibiotic-resistance already.
  • The presence of other possible illnesses (ENT or respiratory infection) causing germs.

Another study of 2 military fitness centers published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine evaluates the bacterial and viral contamination in the exercise equipment. The study unveiled,

  • The presence of staphylococci, diphtheroid, and rhinoviruses
  • Weight equipment was contaminated more than aerobic equipment
  • Standard disinfection procedures failed to eliminate viral cultures

Germicidal UV light for Disinfecting Gyms and Fitness Centers

Though gym owners adopt different liquid-based disinfection methods like alcohol wipes and chemical disinfectants, UVC has started getting their attention and is trusted for its quality of disinfection and elimination of germs.  

UV lamps at a wavelength of (UVC light) 200 to 280 nm are found to have powerful disinfection and germicidal properties. When pathogens like bacteria and viruses are exposed to UVC light, it damages their RNA and DNA from proliferating, prohibiting their replication. UVC disinfection not only inactivates but also eliminates the pathogens from the surfaces.

One of Columbia’s fitness centers has already implemented UVC disinfection and is trying to make the center germ-free and its customers risk-free.

Gym equipment and tools like Gloves, Skipping Rope, Hand Grip, Cross-Training Elastic Training Band, Weight Training Dumbbell Kit, Weightlifting Bumper Disc, Adjusting Rods, and similar items can very well be disinfected by frequently placing in the UVC chamber.

Immediate Preventive Measures

Looking for the best and quality UVC chambers to disinfect your fitness center or gym? Click here.

PXL UVC chambers use pulsed xenon UVC light capable of killing harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, including COVID-19, in minutes. Investing in these UV chambers gives you long-lasting benefits as they are non-corrosive, user-friendly, and reduce microbial contamination. The reflective surfaces in the chamber enable 360-degree disinfection and inactivate pathogens residue on the surfaces.

Possible premises where UV chambers can be adopted to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 include gyms, recreational centers, fitness clubs, and courts (Basketball, tennis courts, and so forth).


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