Development of Thermodynamic Heat Engine Prototype

Project Description

In this project we built a prototype for the research of a thermodynamic heat engine. The development of the prototype included: 


  • Developing and producing customized printed circuit boards and power supplies

  • Programming micro-controllers

  • Integrating sensors, detectors, engines, pumps, generators, slip rings, micro-controllers, A/D, and more. 

  • Writing a software application in LabVIEW which included

    • Graphical user interface for commands and control of the system

    • Exhibiting graphs and other physical figures, and writing all of the figures into a log file

  • Elegant packaging for the prototype 

Thermodynamic Heat Engine Development and Prototyping

PCB design, LabVIEW programming, and prototype design


Business Technological Consultation

Computerized control and command software setup utilizing LabVIEW

Consultation and Support in Existing Products

Design and development of electro-optics systems


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