Development of Thermodynamic Heat Engine Prototype

Previous Next Project Description In this project we built a prototype for the research of a thermodynamic heat engine. The development of the prototype included:  Developing and producing customized printed circuit boards and power supplies Programming micro-controllers Integrating sensors, detectors, engines, pumps, generators, slip rings, micro-controllers, A/D, and more.  Writing a software application in LabVIEW […]

The Best Use of FPGA in Your Electro-Optics Setup

Project Description Part of the process of fast prototyping involves understanding the best setup. With any kind of programmable firmware, FPGA for an electro-optics setup can be very useful. For feedback loop control, design parameters that are simple to reconfigure and even basic hardware testing, FPGA is a valuable tool in your toolbox.   Using […]

Screen and LED tester with OCR on board for MKS

Project Description •Imaging system •Hardware and software automated test equipment •Image process •Spectral info •Colorimetric testing •Automatically pushing on buttons with robot arms Watch a short demonstration: Made in Israel

Multi Channel Power Meter for high power lasers

Previous Next Development of light sources, light sensors and optical devices Multi Channel Power Meter for high power lasers in wavelength range from 200nm up to 20 microns. The system includes five channels, each coupled to optical fiber with SMA input, thermal management, enclusure and application. IZAK Scientific optical design consultant team design and develop […]