Airports Use UVC Devices to Keep the Passengers Safe

With pandemic outspread, the travel and tourism industry has been affected badly. The world almost stopped for a while to contain the virus spread. Moreover, every effort to prevent the virus from spreading went in vain. Hence, to eliminate the virus, practices like sanitization, social distancing, face masks, and other measures are being used.

When the world is adjusting to the new normal, the travel industry is also implementing new safety guidelines to keep the travelers safe. Airports around the world are implementing disinfection practices to keep the premises safe and eliminate the coronavirus.

With a massive area to sanitize, it is difficult for the staff to disinfect the whole airport multiple times a day. For this reason, airport authorities have started to head towards UV light disinfection devices to keep the coronavirus and other germs at bay. Several Airports have begun to use UVC devices to disinfect the surfaces

United Airlines Uses UVC to Clean Flight Decks

United Airlines have now started to use UV light sanitizers to disinfect pilot flight decks on several aircraft at its hub airports to provide a sanitary work environment to pilots. The Airline uses handheld UV-based devices to eliminate the virus that may lie on switches and touchscreen panels on the flight deck.

According to the United Airlines’ Senior Vice President, the deck has several working parts, components, screens, and switches that are difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods like wipes and liquids. He further stated that the UVC lighting had provided more reliable, fast, and effective disinfection to an essential part of an aircraft.

Incheon International Airport Uses UV Light Tray Disinfection

Incheon International Airport in South Korea has successfully completed the trial of a UV light-based tray disinfection system. The kit is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and infections, including the COVID-19 virus. These kits can be installed into existing automated tray handling systems installed in every airport.

UV radiation eliminates viruses from trays transported back to the divest station. This additional disinfection of trays will protect the staff and passengers from contagious disease transmission.

Similar devices are in the trial at Finavia Helsinki Airport to find the best UVC based sanitizing practices. According to the Executive Director of the Helsinki Airport, the UV-based disinfection devices are environment-friendly, cost, and energy-efficient. They offer faster cleaning compared to traditional disinfection techniques. During the trial phase, they will test disinfecting various surfaces and areas to make the best use of UV radiation-based sanitization for the safety of the staff and passengers.

Heathrow Airport Uses UV Cleaning Robots

Heathrow Airport, London, has started using Ultraviolet light disinfection robots to sanitize the surfaces to eliminate viruses and bacteria quickly. These robots are equipped with automated sensors to detect the presence of a human. These robots are designed to work only in the absence of humans in their surroundings, so they don’t get exposed to harmful UVC radiation. Moreover, UV handrail technology is also installed to sanitize the moving handrails continuously.

Installing UV disinfection devices to sanitize shared surfaces at offices, airports, malls, manufacturing units, etc. can help eliminate the threat of virus spread in the premises.

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