Why do you need an Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer for Your Industrial Kitchen?

Hygiene is the major factor that remains an A-list concern for the hospitality industry and with coronavirus pandemic outspread, hygiene has become more and more important. While high measures are being practiced to ensure safety, going a mile ahead would be beneficial for workers as well as the customers. Investing in the right kind of sanitization products would make some sense.

In luxurious hotels, the customers cannot have even the feeblest of fear about their health and sanitation. As the world finds itself in the grip of new and dangerous viruses like the Covid19, sanitation in public places raises a red flag.

An industrial kitchen has the highest chances of many people coming in contact and more so touching the same surfaces. This leaves a high potential risk of germ transmission. Germicide should be the primary focus, especially when it comes to food and beverage in a hotel.

There are plenty of shared surfaces in a kitchen, and it becomes practically impossible to clean the surfaces manually whenever someone touches them. This is where it would be a good idea to install an ultraviolet light sanitizer tool like the PXL sanitizer.

Why Install an Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer in your Industrial Kitchen

  • Easy application

The tool can easily fit onto the surface and automatically disinfect the surface through UV light after one touches the surface. Ultraviolet light sanitizer is a popular disinfectant tool that has proven to be quite useful to kill bacteria and viruses.

  • User-friendly

The body design is unique and hassle-free. The power supply for the tool is not a concern at all. It can be either battery-run or can be operated through electric connections. This makes it extremely easy to use in an industrial kitchen setup.

  • Clinically tested

The ultraviolet light sanitizer comes clinically tested by third-party laboratories. It has been found to bring down almost 65 million antibiotic-resistant germs to less than 1000 in 30 seconds and only about six cells after 5 minutes of illumination.

  • Germicidal Light

A band emission of 200-280 nm is all that it takes to finish even the toughest of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses. Exposure of kitchen surfaces to the light can bring down chances of transmission of germs through contact.

  • Performance

The ultraviolet light sanitizer’s performance increases with the amount of time a surface is exposed to it. In a kitchen, multiple tools are shared from countertops, fridge door handles, knives, sink, etc. All these surfaces, when exposed to the germicide illumination of the sanitizer, will keep the surfaces secure for usage.

With the world steadily opening up post the coronavirus pandemic, safety measures have to be at its peak like never before. People are still reluctant about stepping out to eateries and being present in public places. One can back on the powerful mechanism of the PXL sanitizer to ensure safety for the staff and customers. The tool is specifically designed to fight bacteria and viruses on shared surfaces. With a revolutionary disinfectant like that, safety hazards shouldn’t be a concern.


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