Building computerized
software applications
As the company has partnered with National Instruments, we provide software and hardware development in control engineering including data acquisition, Real-Time and FPGA embedded systems, image acquisition and image processing as well as automated test equipment for R&D, production line, academic, and consumer products.

Control Systems Engineering and Integration

We develop custom control systems engineering and design solutions for our clients. From developing a proof of concept to deployment and post-sales support, we can assist clients with some of their toughest engineering problems.
We provide software architecture design, code review, and supplementary staffing consulting services.  Our optical design consulting and control engineering experts provide domain expertise, helping mitigate risk  and shorten design cycles.

Not sure how to write control systems software? No problem!

Our professional team of programmers here at ReadyDAQ have amassed years of software development experience, and they would be more than happy  to help you!

The consulting consists of operating computerized measurement setups that include detectors, sensors,
drivers, pumps, engines, spectrometers, and other components. We will then present all measurement
results on a graph, reports, send them to mobile device, save average measurements to a spreadsheet,
operating devices with digital, serial, or analog commands.

Command and Controls

The software can acquire many sensors such as optical sensors, acoustic sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, hall sensors, and many more. The software can operate many devices such as drivers, lasers, pumps, engines, etc.

Fast Delivery

The company will provide a swift delivery of such software application that acquires all the information from sensors, presenting the data through a real-time graph, operate pumps, engines, drivers, saving information to a spreadsheet, etc.

Complete Pack

The company can help you with the electronic part as well - we manufacture amplifiers for detectors and sensors, produce circuits for thermistors, and more.

Added Value

The benefit of the company is the integration of software and hardware together with knowledge of physics and technical know-how. The company can perform calibrations for the client and exhibit real physical values in the software.

No Worries

The Company has purchased licenses for professional software and can produce an execution file for every computer as well as an elegant, user-friendly interface, without the need for the client to purchase expensive licenses.


The software can be suitable for mobile devices with wide buttons or a touch screen.

For a portion of our clients, the software that we
deliver will operate the prototype and exhibit to their
customers. Our field or expertise:

  • Operating lasers and other light sources
  • Sensors and detectors
  • Electro-Optics
  • Spectrometers
  • Simulations
  • Motion control
  • Custom electronics
  • And many other things you may need!

All application software is provided with an elegant
graphic human-machine interface.

We also provide programming and design services
on an hourly basis or at a flat rate.