Why do you need a UV Disinfection System in the Pharma Industry?

Microbial free environment is essential in all pharma industries. In order to effect this, UV disinfection systems are found to be promising.
  1. Microbial free environment is essential in all pharma industries. In order to effect this, UV disinfection systems are found to be promising. Such a disinfection unit is critical, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic situation. As the world is fighting against an invisible intruder, all the pharma companies are going through a stricter phase in incorporating quality and cGMP standards in the production lines. According to health experts, it’s high time that pharma companies should start installing a UV disinfection system for the following purposes:

    What can a UV Disinfection Lamp do?

    The applications of a UV disinfection lamp in the pharma industry are many. We can collectively put those applications under three main sub-headings as follows:

    Microbial Reduction

    As a pharma person, you would know the significance of purified water in your unit. You use it for washing, manufacturing, rinsing, and other processes. In the wake of coronavirus, it’s more than essential that the water meets the microbial quality standards to meet the norms of a quality end product.

    UV disinfection lamp will help you to achieve these water standards without any hassle. These disinfection units are proven to be safer, easier, convenient, trustworthy, reliable, as well as cost-effective. Having a UV disinfection system in your pharma production unit comes with the advantages of minimal maintenance and zero chemical requirements.

    You can treat the water used in your unit with a simple UV disinfection lamp as far as it’s used correctly. Moreover, an appropriately designed disinfection system doesn’t alter the physical and chemical properties of water at all. Instead, it will give you disinfection efficiency up to 99.99%.

    TOC Reduction

    The present USP norm has TOC levels in the water specified for different applications. An appropriately sized and placed UV disinfection system of specific intensity will help you achieve these TOC levels by reducing them at minimal costs.

    However, this is a more specialized subject as the sizing data, as well as dose requirements for reaching the specified TOC levels will differ by microbial reduction requirements. For your queries regarding this, contact us to speak to our experts.

    Ozone Destruction

    In the pharma units, the microbial growth will be arrested in re-circulating water by keeping up the optimal velocities in water flow and increasing the water temperatures by up to 80°C. In both these methods, the choice of piping design is critical. In another way, the ozonation of water will also decrease microbial growth. However, this ozone from the water should be destroyed before use.

    This is where a UV disinfection system comes into play. A correctly sized and located system will help achieve this effortlessly.

    Thus, the installation of an ultraviolet disinfection unit can help pharma units in maintaining their quality cGMP standards. However, the system used should be properly designed, sized, and understood by the user. A PXL Sanitizer can be used to achieve these effects. Its easy operation and compact design will make your disinfection journey smoother. Let’s break the chain of the Covid-19 pandemic by installing these units in the pharma lines!


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