UV Sanitization for the Manufacturing Industry: What You Need to Know?

The coronavirus outbreak has shaken the world completely. The lockdowns and home-bound quarantine took a toll on us. Even the manufacturing units all around the world were shut down. But after the relaxation for some of the industries, the main concern is to maintain safety.

The companies are concerned about the safety of their employees and consumers. The manufacturing unit is a sector with one of the highest numbers of workers.

To start the manufacturing process again, the manufacturing units should take enough safety measures to ensure that all the workers are safe from the virus. For this reason, several manufacturing units turned to UV light sanitization. These devices are important for the manufacturing units to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Why UV Light Disinfection?

According to a study, these UVC rays can help sanitize shared surfaces to eliminate the coronavirus-causing germs. The UV rays sanitizer can help disinfect various personal protective equipment, floors, the manufacturing unit, surfaces, tabletops, and other surfaces that come in regular contact. This way, the whole unit will be disinfected with UV light, and the manufacturing process can resume safely. 

Another experiment was done with UV-A and UV-B rays. It was found that they are comparatively less effective than UVC rays in killing the germs. The UV A and B rays have comparatively longer wavelengths than UVC rays, which is why they are less effective and not successful when it comes to destroying the corona germs. 

With this, there is a warning about the UVC sanitizers about the harmful effects on exposure to human skin. The ultraviolet light disinfection with pulsed light should only be used on surfaces with no direct exposure to human skin as these rays are dangerous for human beings and may cause several health hazards. 

An Extra Step toward Cleanliness

The companies are taking the extra mile to achieve a clean and disinfected environment in the manufacturing units. The companies have to ensure safety in their manufacturing lines to keep their employees and customers safe.

Installing and using the ultraviolet light sanitizer is easy, compact, and cost-effective. It needs to be understood what type of UV light sanitizer would be effective and suitable for your manufacturing unit.

There are 2 types of UV light wands in the market. The UV rays in these sanitizing devices are either pulsed or continuous. Both the types of devices serve the same purpose, but somehow the continuous rays are less effective than the pulsed ones. Moreover, the pulsed radiation of the light is more rapid when it comes to the microorganism inactivation.

. To keep your manufacturing unit safe and free from the COVID-19, buy a PXL UV disinfection lamp today!

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