The need for UV Chambers in Food Industries and Commercial Settings

It was estimated a couple of years ago that around 1 in 6 people in the U.S. is being affected by food-borne diseases. When extrapolated, this estimate accounts for around 600 million people globally.

Besides, a CDC report claims that more than 80% of food-borne illness originates from commercial entities like restaurants. This creates an urgency to keep these commercial settings with ultimate cleanliness and hygiene levels with immediate effect. This has led the food-based commercial industries and businesses to scout for essential strategies and disinfection methods to deal with the existing food-borne microbes like bacteria, viruses, molds, and spores.

Germicidal UVC Technology

According to the FDA, UV light in the C range between 200 and 280 nm is claimed to be germicidal and found to be effective in inactivating bacteria and viruses by inhibiting the DNA replication. Another important benefit of UVC is that it does not create any resistance within the target microbes and permanently eradicates the contaminations without being transmitted to other surfaces.

Why UV Chambers instead of Chemical Disinfection?

UV light from UV chambers ensures the complete disinfection of surfaces from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Any contaminations or microbial colony residues that stay back even after standard cleaning or disinfection methods can be eliminated using UV chambers.

Some food or beverage industry containers cannot apply chemical disinfection methods. Also, liquid disinfectants may spoil the working of some equipment during disinfection. UV chambers can be the best alternative in these special cases. Food industry kiosks, devices, and other equipment surfaces that contain digital displays or circuit boards can be UV treated instead of chemical disinfection.

Benefits of UV chambers in Food Industries

UV chambers or UV cabinets are extremely useful for surface disinfection of containers, pallets, packages, etc. in food industries and commercial settings like restaurants. Listed below are some of the important benefits of installing a UV chamber or a UV cabinet in the food industry:

  • Preserves the hygiene levels of the whole unit or the industry
  • Commonly used equipment and tools can be disinfected frequently within minutes
  • FDA suggested food product quality and hygiene standards can be attained
  • One of the simple, perfect, and proven physical disinfection methods
  • Safe to humans and unsafe to microorganisms
  • Replaces chemical or other liquid-based disinfection methods
  • 360-degree disinfection throughout the surfaces without any gap as reflective lamps are placed along with the UVC lamps
  • No need for hours of hot washing or alcohol washing to sterilize the surfaces
  • Sometimes, the materials can be disinfected and stored in the UVC cabinet

Industry-Grade UV Chambers

Though UVC chambers may be considered a huge investment, the endless benefits of installing them cannot be equated to the amount of investment. Industry-grade chambers like PXL UV chambers are available in the market, offering end-to-end microbial disinfection. These UV chambers emit pulsed xenon UVC light with proven capabilities to kill bacteria, viruses, mildews, viruses like SARS and COVID-19, and other harmful microorganisms in no time.

These steel-made UV chambers prevent the proliferation of microbes and are also found to be safe for humans when put to use. Complete training materials are also being provided to help the users.


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