Schools Considering UVC Disinfection ahead of Reopening

With the world trying to get back on track after the pandemic outbreak, various organizations, stores, malls, and other public places are considering ways to reopen with new guidelines. Everyone is getting back to normal while keeping safety in focus. 

Now that schools and colleges are looking to reopen, everyone needs to take necessary precautions for resuming classes. The reopening will include several challenges that the schools and teachers need to overcome. To keep the students safe, proper disinfection of school premises and buses while maintaining social distancing is required. 

As schools are working on the entrance and exit guidelines, social distancing procedures, proper sanitation measures, and implementing remote learning processes, they are also investing in UV-based devices to eliminate chances of coronavirus spread.

Challenges in Disinfecting School Premises

To ensure safety at school premises, maintaining the highest cleanliness and sanitization standards is important. However, at many times, maintaining these high standards and protocols become difficult. Some of the challenging situations in cleaning are:

  • Cleaning every corner of the school before the school resumes
  • Proper cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, libraries, staff rooms, washrooms, food pantries, etc.
  • Sanitizing the school floor daily and ensuring that it is done before and after school hours
  • Maintaining a proper schedule and procedure for cleaning each item and surface to eliminate the virus

How can School premises be Disinfected Properly?

To stop the spread, the cleaning professionals need to focus on the most commonly used areas and surfaces. Knowing the surfaces around the premises that are likely to spread the virus can empower the cleaning staff to sanitize these surfaces to eliminate the virus. To disinfect the surfaces with efficiency, the schools are using UV light disinfection devices. These UV-based devices can sanitize various surfaces and areas like:

• Desks

• Tables

• Railings

• Door Handles

• Sinks

• Toilet seats

• Keyboards

• and more

Using UV disinfection devices to sanitize these places can help keep students safe. UV lighting can also be used to disinfect the school buses. In May, the MTA started to use UV-C lighting to disinfect New York City Subways. The program was then extended to various other locations to sanitize over 6,500 train cars. Since then, several schools have also started to use these Ultraviolet light sanitizers to sanitize school buses every day.

By using UV light disinfection devices, schools don’t need to worry about over-spraying, use of chemicals, and other substances that may have side effects.

Safety Measures for Using UV Sanitizers

While UV light is highly beneficial against viruses and germs, it can be dangerous for human skin. When human skin is directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation, it can cause serious skin damage. Hence, while installing and using UV disinfection devices, it is important to make sure that no human gets in direct contact with the UV light. 

To add an extra layer of safety, many devices like PXL Sanitizers come with a feature of turning off automatically when a human presence is detected on the premises. 

Installing ultraviolet disinfection units can help schools eliminate the COVID-19 virus from the premises. Use a simple and automated UV disinfection device such as PXL Sanitizer to make the sanitizing process smoother.



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