PXL-UV Chamber: A Fast, Effective Alternative To Chemical Disinfectants for Pallets and Containers

Using the PXL Sanitizer is a great tool to disinfect some of the most contaminated surfaces such as keyboards, mice, remote control, phones and tablets. As we mentioned in a previous article, some of these small surfaces can often carry more germs than the toilet seats!
  1. Using the PXL Sanitizer is a great tool to disinfect some of the most contaminated surfaces such as keyboards, mice, remote control, phones and tablets. As we mentioned in a previous article, some of these small surfaces can often carry more germs than the toilet seats!

    What happens if you need to disinfect larger surfaces such as pallets and containers? IZAK Scientific has the right solution for you: PXL UV Chamber.

    Think of this UV Chamber for disinfection like the PXL Sanitizer’s big brother: same high performance UVC technology, but the PXL UV Chamber will help disinfect larger areas such as pallets and containers.

    Disinfecting large items such as containers and pallets is a big challenge for many companies nowadays. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, new protocols had been created to keep employees safe and prevent workplace infections. Containers and pallets are placed in quarantine for a few days. Alternatively, these are treated with chemical disinfectants. In both cases, these new protocols require additional work, energy, money and are time-consuming. As a result, there are important delays with both shipping and receiving large items. In other words, unhappy customers and overworked employees!

    Why do these items require disinfection?  According to research studies, worldwide transport networks has facilitated global pandemics of many infectious diseases including: influenza, SARS, cholera, HIV, anthrax, measles, tuberculosis, smallpox plaque and of course, the novel coronavirus responsible for the current COVID-19 pandemic. 1.[R] 2.[R]

    Infections can spread from human to human, and also through contaminated surfaces. As you can imagine, one container shipped from another country to another by cargo plane or truck will touch many surfaces and will be handled by several people.

    Using PXL UV Chamber offers multiple advantages. First, it provides effective disinfection against major pathogens which are commonly associated with infections and deaths. In other words, it improves the safety of the employees.

    Plenty of research studies found that this advanced form of UV C light used in our UVC Chamber (Pulsed Xenon UVC) is superior to other UV devices -like those using LED or mercury lamps. This type of UV light kills or inactivates a wide range of bacteria: from E Coli, Salmonella and MRSA, to various protozoa and fungi, as well as viruses like hepatitis A, polio and rotaviruses.  In case you want to know if there is a UV Chamber for coronaviruses here is the answer: A couple of devices using the very same technology were tested for the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 and this light destroys the virus within a few minutes. UV chambers are also used in ambulances, trains and airports to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens. 3.[R] 4.[R] 5.[R] Other research papers found that two other coronaviruses: Sars-Cov-1 and MERS are also sensitive to UVC light.

    A recent study (March 2020) concluded that “pulsed xenon UV light is an effective alternative to less thorough manual cleaning methods.” Researchers found that this light has the ability to disrupt the bacterial biofilms.6.[R] The biofilm allows these bacteria to persist on various surfaces, and resist standard treatments. UVC light also causes direct damage to the DNA or RNA of the microbes.

    Unlike chemical disinfectants, PXL UV Chamber is eco-friendly and does not create by- products like toxic chlorine gas or synthetic compounds.

    This UV Chamber disinfection makes the whole process quick and simple- in a matter of minutes. The device is designed for safety and is easy to operate. Full training and customer support is available.  Custom designs are available upon request. Talking about safety, be aware that UVC light is designed for various surfaces, air and water disinfection and people should avoid eye and skin exposure to this light.

    Do you work in an office and you think you could benefit from PXL Sanitizer? Talk to your employer about it, because the PXL Sanitizer will help you work in a safer environment.

    Perhaps your company handles pallets and containers, too? That’s great, bring the PXL brochures to your manager. If your company needs both products- PXL Sanitizer and the UV Chamber make sure they are ordered together to receive the package deal.

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