PXL Sanitizer: UV Light Disinfection for Bacteria and Viruses

The PXL Sanitizer is power-packed with the pulsed UV light to fight viruses and bacteria on surfaces. UV is a scientifically effective disinfectant tool that works well in the air, water, or surfaces, reducing the chances of acquiring infections.

The PXL Sanitizer is clinically tested by a third-party laboratory to work wonders in disinfecting surfaces. In the wake of the coronavirus, the PXL Sanitizer is what is exactly needed!

Demonstrate IZAK Scientific’s PXL Sanitizer, sanitizing an area of 60cm x 30cm in a few seconds

UV Light Disinfection

The PXL Sanitizer is backed by the pulsed UV technology, which limits the contraction of many drug-resistant germs. As per scientific studies, like PLOS One, the UV light is by far successful in binding the transmission of drug-resistant diseases. UV light disinfection has the strength to fight with germs, like Salmonella, E Coli, and Staphylococcus aureus, which refuse to kneel before antibiotics.

UV Light Disinfection Effectiveness

The pulsed UV light has received more nods, especially in the healthcare and hospitality business. The pulsed light technology has been adopted for decontaminating food, packages, water, and surfaces. The rays are capable of killing microbes through ultra-short pulses. The emission of the band that leads to the germicidal effect is of the wavelength of 200-280 nm. Humans, however, should limit their exposure to the light. Even though there isn’t much damage to skin that has been proven yet, it may not be suitable.

PXL Sanitizer: A Boon to the Food and Beverage Industry

As the world is gripped in the clutches of the fathom Covid19, the food and beverage industry has been facing a setback. The main hygiene issue that the F&B industry is met with, especially in hotels, is shared surfaces in spatial kitchens. Few surfaces, like kitchen doors, fridge handles, power switches, dishwasher handles, sink, countertops, and so on, are exposed to multiple touches from the workforce.

The PXL Sanitizer will come to use in such surfaces, with its pulsed light to kill germs that persist on these surfaces. Not only that, but common surfaces like toilet seats, remotes, keys, etc. which are touched by the staff, will also be disinfected. This wards off a huge risk of transmission of the virus to food items.

The tool is easy to control and just needs to be placed over the most shared surfaces. PXL Sanitizer is extremely user-friendly with its compact design. It has no hassles of being connected to the power source as it can run on either battery or an electrical connection.

When turned on, the tool will be ready to disinfect the surface upon which it is kept on. Once a person is done using the handle, the device will automatically light the surface and disinfect the area. In this way, the possibility of exposing any food, beverage, or package to the risk of transmission of the virus is ruled out.

The PXL Sanitizer is one of a kind as it is specially made to combat viruses and bacteria on shared surfaces. Let no harm be done while you carry out your kitchen functions smoothly without worrying much about contamination. Just install the PXL Sanitizer and ward off your fear. Make your kitchen space safe again. Order the UV light backed PXL Sanitizer today!


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