How do you choose UV disinfection services?

There are quite a few businesses that refuse to compromise when it comes to the health of their customers and employees. On the other hand, the use of sanitation devices occasionally seems like a real inconvenience: first, it usually requires staff who know and want to operate the device, planning and necessary precautions, and also Training employees for this task

 The solution? External disinfection services. But not every company that offers sanitation services is recommended for your business.

We have included 4 tips for choosing disinfection services for your business:

1. In what method is the disinfection done

 Is the device or the technic are reliable? Does the device emit gases or liquids that prevent you and the other workers and customers from staying in the room a while afterward? Are there parts of the room that cannot be disinfected? Choosing the right disinfection method should answer 3 questions:

  • What level of disinfection would you like to reach?
  • Is it necessary to use the room immediately after disinfection?
  • Are there any electrical appliances that should be kept away, from liquids for example?

2. Did the sanitation method was tested in a trial by an authorized Lab?

 The antiseptic market is full of promises, while many people are trying to make money due to the high demand. It is important to make sure that the device is indeed effective and the autoclave company can present evidence that behind those promises there is knowledge and experience. It is highly recommended to reserve disinfection services from a company that already has experience. Ask to see or talk to companies that have ordered this type of service. 

3. Accompany the sanitation during the process and make sure to show the infected areas or rooms.

 It is very important to accompany the disinfectant and highlight the places that are candidates for accidents such as keyboards, computer mice, dining tables, toilets and sinks, and more.

4. Set a fixed price and duration in advance

 a serious company will try to understand at an early stage what your needs are, what you want to disinfect, what size is required for disinfection, and any other unique needs.

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