How can you embed LED Checker into your Production Line?

What is LED checker?

LED checker is a system designed to check the position and color of LEDs on PCB and indication bottoms of electronic devices, or LED in products. LED bulbs have seen a huge demand in the last decade because of several benefits, including high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability. LED checker recognizes the LED color using an imager with optical lens and API software.

The checking and recognition process is based on “diffuse technology” that can identify various colors and machine learning algorithm. The color sensing in the LED checker is done by color-sensitive filters and sensors array, which evaluates the color of the LED light. The solution includes an imaging system as well as API software with sample code in CVI and LabVIEW, and/or an application.

Why do LEDs need extra attention during control?

Apart from lighting purposes, LEDs are often used as indicators in various electronic devices. With a wide range of applications of LEDs, the use of the right color and positioning becomes very important while manufacturing an electronic device that uses LEDs of various colors for indication purposes. Considering the size and amounts of LEDs used in PCBs, it becomes important to test the circuit for the right use of LEDs. Testing would include checking for the positioning, working, and color of LEDs. For this reason, electronic device manufacturers are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for LED control that can indicate:

  • The proper working of LED bulbs
  • LEDs works properly under various power options
  • LEDs emit the right light or in the right order
  • The configuration of LEDs in the right order and at the right place

How can an LED checker be embedded in the existing product line?

The LED checker software application is available as an API (DLL file) that manufacturers can integrate into another standalone or automated tester application. The LED tester can also be integrated into the detector with elements, such as temperature and power checker. The LED checker software can also be delivered as a Tester application, like in the following demo movie. 

Benefits of LED Checker

The LED checker system is very simple to operate and includes only four functionalities to recognize LEDs’ position, color, and working status in a PCB circuit. These functionalities are:

  • Open/Close Camera: This functionality is used for capturing the image of the circuit. Instead of a camera, the system can also use an existing image from a path.
  • Learning New Configuration: Each PCB configuration is different from the other. Each PCB type will have a different LED configuration, and the system would require a specific configuration file (JSON configuration file) for the PCB to learn the LED configuration. After the API learn the new LED configuration and saved to a file, you can test a full batch of boards with the same configuration.
  • Testing: This functionality of the system will assess all LEDs operating on the PCB and provide the results in a *.csv file.

While most LED checkers use optical fiber for LED color detection, iZAK Scientific’s LED color Recognition API doesn’t require optical fiber for its operation. When a LED tester uses an optical fiber system, you need to connect and disconnect each PCB with optical fiber for testing, which can be tedious. Our revolutionary API-based LED checker solution eliminates this tedious process and is very simple to use.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

We purchased LED Color and position tester from IZAK Scientific after having successful projects before and due to their great skills and fast delivery. We needed a solution to test different PCBs, with each PCB having a few LED configurations. IZAK Scientific, led by Tzachi, delivered us an API (dll file) for the LED Tester, along with an example in the LabWindows CVI environment. We integrated IZAK’s LED tester in our tester software. In addition, IZAK also delivered a tester box with an imager and optics, along with relays as a system.

IZAK LED Tester API is a smart and simple, easy-to-learn machine-learning algorithm that learns new PCB in a few minutes. The system allows us to test our PCB quickly and easily in free space configuration. As we integrated the system, we got a full service customized to our specific needs, along with the support from IZAK’s great team.

This was one of few projects we made with Izak Scientific, and the team proved to be professional, with on-time delivery.

Testing Development Manager Automation & Control Solutions

Moshe, MKS Instrument

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