Fighting covid-19 in medical centers with UV ligh disinfection

While there is news worldwide about Corona wards it is important to remember that hospitals and medical centers are still used also for other medical needs: heart wards, orthopedics, emergency dental care, pediatric wards, and maternity wards. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining good medical services for the entire population and maintaining “sterile” areas from Corona in the medical centers. 

Can hospitals protect all their Patients from being infected? 

Yes, but Unfortunately, there are no “magic solutions” and it takes effort and planning. Most hospitals have an epidemiological officer. Here is some thankful note that already been Implemented in some of the hospitals: 

  • Reducing visitors to hospitals to a minimum – True, it is more difficult to be hospitalized without visitors, but this is an important step that reduces the chances for contagion.  

  • Encouraging patients to maintain good hygiene and maintain their accessibility to Personal hygiene aids.

  • Often disinfection of common public areas and rooms. Although it might be more complex when it comes to non-mobile patients, most beds can now be moved while sanitizing using a UV light sanitizer device. A xenon UV disinfection is lasting a few minutes. once it’s done patients can return to the room immediately

  • Disinfecting elevators, food carts, cafeterias, and vending machines. In these areas, there is direct contact with buttons, doors, and credit clearing, right before touching food and beverages. UV light disinfection will reduce the chance of transmission through the surfaces

  • Disinfection of toilets and toilets 


 In summary, hospitals and community health centers are in real danger of infection. Having said that, it is certainly possible to prevent the spread of disease through proper planning. Contact us today to consult our experts regarding the application for your Fast PXL Sanitizer.


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