Why UV Light Disinfection

Why UV Light Disinfection is Quintessential at Every Home Today

The sharing of objects and surfaces leads to the easy transmission of infections by Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Molds, and Motes, including the present antagonist, the COVID-19. Even if one person in the house is infected, the contamination and transmission tend to begin instantly. To eliminate this kind of unwanted transmissions, it is quintessential for every home to constantly disinfect or sanitize the frequently used objects with a UV light or lamp.

The special mention of the UV light disinfection method comes only after many research studies and experiments that have shown it to be highly effective over other disinfection methods like chemical or liquid sanitizations. Relatively, this method has been put to use in many food industries and hospitals.

Here are a few notable and comparatively critical objects that we use in every home and that need immediate attention for UV disinfection.

#1 Mobile Phones

Studies show that your phones are the dirtiest objects in your homes and lives. Some study results claim that, on average, nearly 20,000 types of different bacterial residues are present on the phone surfaces. Imagine if you have been touching your infected phone for about 80-100 times a day, how harmful could it be? Also, an interesting finding says that your phones are 10 times more infectious (contains germs) than the toilet seats.

Of course, cleansing your phone with the help of any liquid disinfectants, or soap and water, or alcohol won’t help. The only best way to disinfect your phones is getting it physically exposed to the UV light system. This method of sanitizing doesn’t damage the device but sure to kill the infectious bacteria and viruses.

#2 Baby/Kids Products and Usable

Imagine how babies play? They put every tiny thing in their mouths. Be it nipples, pacifiers, or small toys. There is a high probability that these surfaces might have been contaminated when touched by others.

Thus, any home with babies and kids must maintain a critical hygienic level similar to hospitals to refrain their children from being infected. Being locked down, all the children are at their homes. This period is crucial and ultimately increases the responsibility of keeping the entire home sanitized, i.e., masking from infections. Experts recommend exposing baby products and usable to UV sanitizer for at least 1-2 minutes to inactivate the harmful microbes.

#3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

Owing to the pandemic, everyone is bound to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves to protect themselves. Like doctors, each individual has started using PPEs anytime when they go out of their homes. As it is proven that the COVID-19 may spread via air particles, the likelihood of PPE surfaces being contaminated is huge. To mention, UV light disinfection is highly recommended to sanitize the PPEs in today’s scenario.

Making Home Disinfection a Routine

Today, it is COVID-19. Tomorrow, some other infectious microorganisms may pop up. The best decision ever is to sanitize your home frequently even after this pandemic and keep the home hygiene levels up in a routine. This makes your home clean and devoid of harmful germs and viruses at any time.

Get a UV sanitizer like PXL right away and begin your disinfection measures!


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