What to Look for when buying an Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit

Undoubtedly, ultraviolet disinfection units are gaining a lot of traction during this Covid-19 pandemic. Be it your manufacturing unit or an industrial kitchen, having an effective disinfection system becomes crucial at this time.

Undoubtedly, ultraviolet disinfection units are gaining a lot of traction during this Covid-19 pandemic. Be it your manufacturing unit or an industrial kitchen, having an effective disinfection system becomes crucial at this time. Why the UV disinfection system is widely considered by the business owners today is the proven fact that it’s effective in killing microbes. And yes, this includes coronaviruses as well.

However, the idea that is making rounds online is that ultraviolet light can be used for disinfecting hands, clothing, and other objects. This is NOT true! An ultraviolet disinfection unit that is not correctly used will be dangerous. This statement could cause a panic attack on you. However, do not worry. Disinfection with UV light is promising in getting a sanitary workplace. The key lies in the right choice of ultraviolet disinfection units you use in your facility.

Let’s see what to look for when choosing a UV disinfection system:

Why need UV Light Disinfection in your unit?

Although UV disinfection is not a new technology, some business owners, especially from the non-medical sectors, might not have an idea about why they need a UV disinfection system in their production lines. Firstly, understand that UV disinfection has been in application since the 20th century. They are widely used to disinfect workspaces and water in pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities.

Now, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s highly recommended that you use such a disinfection system in your production lines, as well. The germicidal irradiation of UV can kill over 99.99% of viruses, including corona. However, before buying an ultraviolet disinfection unit for your unit, you need to be clear about its purpose. Our aim is to reduce Covid-19 transmission. Think from this perspective to make your buying process easier.

Where do you plan to install the UV Disinfection unit?

Next up in the factors to consider is the place of installation. While a UV disinfection system can be very well used as a supplemental infection control approach in water purification and workspaces, its efficiency shows that it can be used in other places as well. Now, as a business owner or production unit manager, you need to think about how well you can use such an efficient system in your workplace or business unit to control the virus spread.

Recent research studies have found that the device’s size often isn’t an important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of the disinfection itself. Likewise, the PXL Sanitizer can be used to disinfect various surfaces, including:

  • Handles
  • Toilet seats
  • Keyboards/mice
  • Plates
  • Pens
  • Remote Controls
  • And more

Thus, rather than considering the size of a disinfection unit, you must consider the place of installation, as well as the effectiveness of the system. This will make your buying process easier.

Finally, do not let go of the other important factors like easy operation, compactness of the unit, versatility to work on battery or electrical operations, and proven third-party lab testing results. Looking into all these factors will help you weigh on the appropriate ultraviolet  Light disinfection unit for your production unit and help you keep your business up and running despite the haunting Covid-19 fear. Contact us to know more about the PXL Sanitizer.


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