What is the right process when designing and developing an electro-optics system?

Optic engineering solutions are required for a variety of technological development: the development of light sources, building optical models. Improvement of project. Etc. Optical solutions can include a whole spectrum: UV, Vis, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR.

What should be included in your electro-optical system design process?

          Optimizing the field of view and the depth of field.

          Check and correct if needed the uniformity divergence.

          Optimize the responsivity/ sensitivity and noise reduction.

          Adjust the design to the application’s unique requirements.

          Plan a set of tests and measurement systems.

            Make sure you have all the documentation according to ISO900:2015

Having said that, it is important to understand that some projects required more complex planning, designing, and operating. In those cases, it is highly recommended to apply to optical design experts:

  •        They are often experienced in a variety of projects and can use their knowledge and experience when planning and designing your project. 
  •     Having a wide experience in optical and electronic engineering can guarantee that you will not build the project from scratch, and instead, use already existing architecture.
  •   .  When developing light sources or light sources with a “toolbox” of detectors and technology, your optical designers will be able to optimize the project

 For more information about optical design and the optical modeling process, contact our experts.


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