UVC Disinfection of Currencies to Prevent the COVID-19 Transmission

Since the start of COVID-19 a few months ago, the World Health Organization admitted the possibility of coronavirus transmission via contaminated objects. Objects get contaminated when infected patients touch the object surfaces, resulting in the raging spread.

It is supported by the research finding on the viability of SARS-CoV-2, a kind of virus similar to COVID-19, on plastics, stainless steel, paper, copper, cardboard, and other material surfaces. 

Can Currencies carry COVID-19?

When paper and metals can carry COVID-19, certainly, paper currencies and metal coins can. According to a source, a 2017 research conducted at NYU found the prevalence of hundreds of different bacterial species on $1 bills in New York. The research also predicted that if any person contacts the contaminated surfaces, there is a huge probability of flu virus getting transmitted.

Another recent e-publication in July 2020 infers SARS-CoV-2 could make itself stable on smooth surfaces for a longer period, and a detectable level of contamination was harboring the banknotes and stainless steel coins.

The UVC Disinfection Potential

A study published in PubMed by the U.S National Library of Medicine proves the effectiveness of UVC against the SARS virus. This has created a strong belief among today’s researchers, and efforts are already taken to apply UVC to kill COVID-19 at both experimental and commercial levels.

The persistence of researches like “Portable ultraviolet disinfecting device for paper-money” adds fuel to the fire and has made industrialists invest in the UVC disinfection system against the coronavirus.

China and Currency Disinfection

While the COVID-19 outbreak saw a steady increase in China, the PBC (People’s Bank of China) – the central bank in China announced an emergency issuance of new 4 billion yuan to safeguard the public from getting COVID-19 transmission via currencies. Furthermore, the banks in China deployed the UVC disinfection method to disinfect yuan bills, followed by the disinfected bills’ storage for up to 14 days.

Currency Disinfection Measures by Other Countries

Having no empirical evidence on the spread of COVID-19 through currency surfaces on one side, the World Health Organization aimed to advise the affected nations to take necessary and proactive preventive measures to keep the hygiene of currency notes and coins. Abiding by the WHO’s advice, various nations have taken efforts to disinfect and keep their currencies contamination free.

The news source published the United States’ efforts wherein some banks have requested the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to vouch for the sterility of issued bank bills.

Prospects for Individuals and Businesses

It is indeed essential for every individual, home, and business to act ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic irrespective of whether the government aims to reduce the circulation of currencies, or issues new currencies in circulation. A UVC sanitizing chamber is one that anyone can rely upon at this hectic time to disinfect the currencies they use on an everyday basis.

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