UV Disinfection for Safe Dining in Restaurants and Breweries

With winters approaching and coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down, restaurants are exploring all possible ways to make dining safe for the customers. In pursuit of finding a solution to keep the risk of coronavirus away from the premises, restaurants are heading towards ultraviolet light disinfection.

Many restaurants in cold weather areas are opting for UV light sanitizing to make dining safer during winters. Restaurants have a huge responsibility of maintaining sterile and clean conditions, and for this reason, food establishments are utilizing the benefits of UV disinfection solutions.

How does Silver Diner use UV Disinfection?

Silver New American Brasserie and Silver Diners in Washington D.C. has invested in a 3-part disinfection system that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect air and surfaces. The system uses UV light in the air ducts to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria, and heavy-duty UV light fixtures sanitize various surfaces overnight and air purifiers in the dining area.

UV-C light, the ultraviolet light with the highest energy and shortest wavelength, can damage the DNA and RNA of pathogens, stopping them from reproducing. According to Penn Medicine, UV-C light is effective in killing the coronavirus.

The Cofounder and Executive Chef of Silver Diner, Ype Von Hengst, said, “The most unique thing is that we put all three of those together to make the air quality just as good as outside. Maybe even better because cars are not going by.”

The group invested $500,000 to install these systems in all their restaurants, and the cofounder believes that the investment is worthwhile. He said, “$25,000 is a lot of money. But what is $25,000 for each restaurant for the safety of a person, for the safety of an associate, for the safety of a manager?”

History Class Brewing Co. Installs UV Light for Disinfection

Another Brewery in Panama City, Florida, History Class Brewing Co. has installed disinfection devices in the HVAC system that uses UV-C light to kill germs and viruses in the air as it moves out of the duct.

According to the brewery’s co-owner, these devices can bring positivity to the business for a long time. He believes that COVID-19 has forced the food and beverage industry to up their sanitizing protocols to keep the staff and customers safe.

UV Disinfection: A Long -Term Solution

Business owners in the food and beverage industry believe that these devices will be beneficial even after the coronavirus diminishes. After all, there is no sign that the virus will be eliminated any time soon, and even then, people will remain suspicious. They will be cautious of the viruses for a long time to come. 

Restaurant owners believe that such technology might become a requirement or recommendation for the restaurants in the future. They believe that UV light has a lot of potentials to eliminate pathogens of all kinds, helping the restaurants keep employees and customers safe. Hence, ultraviolet light sanitizer can become a long-term solution against germs and bacteria for the food industry.

As these UV light-based devices are reliable against the COVID-19 coronavirus, the demand for such devices is set to boom. Automated UV sanitizer devices, such as PXL sanitizers, are easy and safe to use. Read more about PXL sanitizers here.


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