Use the Power of UVC Sanitizing Wands to Kill COVID-19 Virus

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are the cause of the spread of several harmful diseases. These microorganisms are not visible to the naked eye, and eliminating them can be difficult with traditional disinfecting techniques, such as cleaning with hot water, disinfectants, and bleach.

Chemical disinfectants are usually the primary defense against these harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. While these chemical disinfectants have helped in combating harmful microorganisms, they can be toxic and time-consuming.

While it is difficult to sanitize surfaces, like screens, switches, gargets, etc., using these chemical-based disinfectants, an ultraviolet light sanitizer can come to your rescue. UV sanitizing devices have been in use for several years in hospitals and healthcare manufacturing units to kill harmful microorganisms. The UVC radiation’s ability to eliminate viruses and germs has been appealing to several tech companies to develop UV light-based wands to provide an easy option to disinfect various surfaces with ease.

What are UV Sanitizing Devices?

UV light disinfection devices annihilate germs and viruses easily from every surface using the UV-C radiation. These devices are gaining popularity since the recent pandemic outbreak. UV radiation used in these devices quickly kills the germs, bacteria, and viruses from the surfaces that they fall on.

How Effective is UV Light Sanitizer?

A UV light-based sanitizing device emits Ultraviolet-C radiation, the most commonly used type of radiation for disinfection. Over the past several years, UVC light has proven its ability to kill microorganisms, including bacteria, germs, and viruses, incapacitating their ability to replicate and infect humans.

Unlike traditional disinfection methods, UVC disinfection is a more efficient and more accessible method of disinfection. These devices are used to sanitize every type of surface with ease, including smartphones, computers, gadgets, door handles, furniture, manufacturing equipment and machinery, switches, keyboards, and many more. As these devices do not use any chemical disinfectant, no harmful chemical residue will be left behind.

Application Areas of UV Disinfecting Devices

  • Hospitality

UVC light can be used to disinfect reception areas, guest rooms, health club facilities, restaurant kitchens, countertops, cooking equipment, preparation surfaces, etc.

  • Banking

In banking sectors, these devices can sanitize cash machines, counters, work surfaces, cash, bank floors, etc.

  • Offices

These devices can disinfect meeting spaces, workrooms, furniture, corridors, computer systems, and gadgets in offices.

  • Retail

UV sanitizers can be used to sterilize shopping carts, counters, and shelves to eliminate viruses, including the coronavirus in the retail sector.

  • Hair and Beauty Salons

Hair and beauty salons can use UV disinfection devices to kill viruses from counter surfaces, equipment, chairs, mirrors, floors, and several other surfaces.

  • Transportation

Many countries worldwide are using UV light disinfection devices to disinfect interiors and exteriors of vehicles, like buses, trains, cabs, etc., ticket windows, and the passengers’ waiting areas. These devices are also used at various airports to keep the staff and passengers safe from coronavirus.

  • Schools

Schools and colleges are reopening, but the parents worry about their child’s safety during this pandemic outspread. School and college authorities are heading towards UV devices to sanitize classroom furniture, walls, surfaces, and other areas to keep the virus away from the premises.

With a myriad of applications, these UV sanitization devices can be a great option to sanitize any surface to eliminate the virus risk. Get your ultraviolet light sanitizer today and keep the people around you safe from the virus.


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