Safety Tips for Using UV Light Sanitizers

UV light sanitizers can be the best investment you can make to keep your home and workplace sanitized and free from coronavirus. Use environment-friendly and chemical-free UV light disinfection to effectively sterilize shared surfaces, smartphones, gadgets, doorknobs, furniture, and other items. Despite several benefits of UVC light-based sanitizers, you need to follow a few precautions to use it efficiently and safely.

Follow these tips to use UV-C based disinfection devices to maximize its benefits while keeping yourself and others safe:

  • Learn to Use the Device Properly

To harness the power of ultraviolet light sanitizer, you should know how to use it safely and correctly. Before installing it for sanitizing the premises and items,

  1. Read the user manual carefully.
  2. Learn how to turn it on and off.
  3. Check the built-in features included in the device for your protection in case of accidental exposure, and understand the adjustments required to operate the device properly.

By taking the precautions as instructed in the user manual, you can efficiently use the device without any risk.

  • Install the Device at the Right Place

Find a strategic location in the room where you want to install the UV disinfection device. This will help you utilize the maximum capabilities of the device. Choose an open place with no furniture blocking the light so that the UV light can sanitize maximum surfaces. These devices can only sanitize the surfaces exposed directly to the UVC radiation.

The sterilizing device can be installed to sanitize shared surfaces like door handles, table surfaces, computer keyboards, etc. Invest in automated sanitizing devices like PXL sanitizers that include the feature of turning off when a human presence in the premises is detected and automatically turns on when human leaves.

  • Time the Device Usage

UV light sanitation devices sanitize the air along with the exposed surfaces. To maximize the sanitization capabilities, start the device before using the room or area and right after multiple people have been in the room. For optimal performance, most UV light-based sanitizing devices come with a built-in timer.

  • Make sure No One is Present in the Room

As you know, exposure to UVC radiation is harmful to humans. So, ensure that no one is present in the room, including pets, while the device is on. Prolonged exposure to UVC radiation can cause severe skin damage. Many UVC based sterilizing devices allow short lead time to vacate the place before it starts transmitting UV radiation.

  • Don’t look Directly towards the Lamp

Do not directly look at the UV disinfection lamp in any situation. Looking at the lamp can damage your eyes and cause the formation of pterygium, cataract, and pinguecula. Look if the sanitizing device includes safety features that minimize the exposure chances.

Stay Safe While Using UV-based Sanitizers

UV radiation-based sanitizers are the best way to keep the COVID-19 disease-causing virus at bay. By following the above safety tips, you can maximize the benefits these devices can provide. For more details about these products, visit here.


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