Preemptive UV Disinfection Approach to Sanitize Train Stations: Live examples & Outlook

While the world is entering the new normal, the era of COVID-19 coronavirus has not seen its conclusion yet. The positive cases are on the rise every day, and the worldwide count has already crossed 75 million as of date.

People began stepping out of their home for bread and butter. Companies have started their operations, and restaurants have opened up. Everything is becoming normal with as many preventive measures as possible. To forbid the infection or transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus in high-walk-in areas, such as bus/train stations, public toilets, and shared offices, the landowners or proprietors began adopting all possible disinfection methods. Notably, the use of UV light has gained momentum, owing to its potency to kill the COVID-19 coronavirus and vast disinfection applications (Burhan K. SaifAddin et al. study published in ACS Photonics, 2020).

Well, thanks to the inventors, designers, and manufacturers of various UV light application equipment, such as UV LED, UV robots, and UV sanitizers! Recently, we could see a couple of UV applications in train stations, one in London and the other in Korea. 

Floor Disinfection of a London Train Station

In September 2020, Reuters and USNews media featured an article about the application of UV light technology at a particular London train station, St Pancras International. The train station had adopted the use of UV light-installed robots to disinfect the floor and high-touch points. Then an automated robot sweeps large areas without a chemical disinfectant or a house-keeper.

A station representative said to the media that these robots could kill almost 100% of bacteria and viruses in a few minutes. 

Disinfection of Koren Subway Trains and Stations

A Korean design team has developed a UV LED light-based drone to disinfect the Korean subway trains and stations. The drone aims to emit powerful UV light that destroys the harmful germs and the COVID-19 coronavirus suspended in the air and the floor surfaces of the Koren subway stations. With this, people can use the subway for commuting purposes without fear.

Other Applications of UV Light

We have seen UV light-installed robots and drones disinfecting the high-touch surfaces and high-walk-in areas. What about the objects or items carried by people? Disinfection of luggage, bags, backpacks, handbags, covers, cases, trolleys, etc., is essential to ensure complete disinfection of shared surfaces. In this case, UV chambers can help. UV chambers use multiple UV lights to disinfect objects in bulk. UV-integrated baggage scanners can see a huge demand in the days to come. This way, travelers can confidently carry their baggage without the fear of transmission from shared surfaces.

UV Light Disinfection: An Outlook

With top-notch train stations adopting UV light disinfection methods to sanitize their surfaces, there is a huge potential for this disinfection method to get implemented at various other mundane areas with high-touch surfaces, such as public transportation systems, retail outlets, hotels, and hospitals.

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