PXL UV Chamber

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PXL UV Chamber A Fast, Effective Alternative To Chemical Disinfectants for Pallets and Containers

PXL UV Chamber uses high performance  UVC technology to keep your containers and pellets disinfected, and a safer environment for your employees. 

Bacteria and viruses can spread quickly during transportation process: on passenger’s flights, on  cargo flights, as well as transportation trucks. 


PXL UV Chamber uses advanced UVC technology: Pulsed Xenon UVC light that kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in a matter of minutes. 


●Reduced the risk of microbial contamination and infection= a safer environment for employees

●Saves money in the long run

●No disinfection products or chemical by-products


●No risk of allergies/sensitivities

●Kills or inactivates a wide range of bacteria and viruses*

●Eco- friendly

●Use friendly – easy to operate. Full training available



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