What is Optical System Design?

The main purpose of Optical System design is to optimize the field of view, improve the depth of field, and recognize uniformity and divergence, and more.

Electro-Optical System Design, on the other hand, will help you create a customized system that will fit your required light source, sensors, and other components.

Optical System Design Process

  1. Designing an optical system: We provide optical system design services for both optical and electro-optical systems.
  2. Controlling systems engineering: We construct systems for test, measurement, and data acquisition and automate analysis.
  3. Delivering components and software: We deliver light sources, sensors, components, and software.
  4. Documenting various parameters: We provide documentation on various specifications, reviews, measurements, drawings, and verification.

Why Opt for Optical System Design?

You should opt for our optical system design to enjoy the following benefits:

Review of a device/technology: When given a wide range of such devices/technologies, there is a need for a review to select the most suitable device.

Design of experiments: Specific experimental procedures will evaluate the functions of the selected device/technology.

Execution of testing: The performance of the selected device/technology must be analyzed by a wide and reliable set of analytical procedures.

Comprehensive feedback: A detailed and meticulous report is essential for your Design History File.

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For more information regarding your next optical-system design conatct us.


Optical System Design