UV disinfection at home

Need of the hour: UV light disinfection at home, workspace, and public places

Of late, across countries, the infection by COVID-19 pandemic has crossed ten million, and deaths have touched 100,000. Nearly one-third of the world’s population is under lock-down and home quarantine. How long this situation can perpetuate is what every country is bothered and worried about. Let’s look up the effective ways to keep people safe outside rather than keeping them safe inside.

UVC: the need of the hour

Since the 1800s, research scientists have experimented and found proven ways to kill infectious microorganisms with the help of UV light effectively. The biologics behind UV light come from its targeting method, i.e., damaging the exposed genetic material (DNA).

Since the COVID-19 is found to spread via infected surfaces, the possibility of getting transmitted to multiple people seems higher. Fortunately, the UV light disinfection method comes to our rescue by disinfecting the infected surfaces, thereby preventing the transmission from one surface to another.

This makes this technique the need of the hour and has to be mandatorily utilized in every public place, workspace, office, shop, mall, etc. to frequently disinfect the shared surfaces and things that might have been contaminated.

How is China utilizing the UV light disinfection technique?

We know the fact that COVID-19 has its origin in the Wuhan region of China. And today, you can witness that they are utilizing the UVC disinfection method to disinfect the public places or the surfaces shared by the people. Literally, whole buses are being exposed to UV light every night. And currencies are being UV treated in banks to block the transmission of the coronavirus. UV robots are found to clean the floors and shared surfaces of hospitals, banks, etc.

Daily applications of UV light disinfection

Home applications:

As washing hands does not completely refrain us from being infected with the COVID-19, it is better to use the UV light sanitizers at home to disinfect the frequently used handheld objects like mobile phones, handbags, coffee mugs, kitchen surfaces, keys, door handles, toys, watches, remote controls, gaming consoles, etc.

Workspace applications:

Office floorings, windows, doors, desktops, tables, chairs, keyboards, vending machines, sinks, toilets, sofa, welcome desks, and similar surfaces shall very well be disinfected with the help of UV disinfection sanitizers or lamps.

Other public places and things:

Almost all the hospitals have begun using UV disinfection lamps to sterilize the instruments, equipment, floor, toilets, etc. Even personal protective equipment is being disinfected with UV light sanitizers to eliminate infectious bacteria, viruses, and molds.

If hospitals can use this disinfection technique, why not shopping malls, grocery stores, and shops utilize UV disinfection in their spaces?

How to get started with UV disinfection?

Irrespective of whether it is a family or a company or a shop owner, initially, it is worthy enough to spend on a couple of handy and compact UV light sanitizers to disinfect their floors and surfaces rather than investing in huge disinfection units. Give it a try on PXL Sanitizers – a highly recommended and affordable UV light sanitizer for conventional use.

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