LED Tester: Who needs it?

What is a LED lab test system?

LEDs are an important part of various electronic systems as they are used for indication purposes to show the status. LEDs need to be tested in their final application to ensure the quality and safety of the system. Manufacturers need to test the LEDs to check their working, placement, color, and order. To test the LEDs installed on the PCB circuits, manufacturers need to use the right LED lab test tool.

LED testing systems can help manufacturers test their newly manufactured batch of PCBs for damaged, inappropriately positioned, or differently colored LEDs. Manufacturers can perform LED lab tests using the LED testing system to evaluate the following:

  • Working of LED
  • Placement of LEDs according to the configuration
  • The LEDs of the right color are placed in the proper order on the PCB

What kind of industries benefit from LED lab test systems?

As LEDs are used widely in almost every electronic system for indication and lighting purposes, LED testing systems can be beneficial for manufacturers of these devices. Every industry that uses LEDs in their PCBs requires an LED lab test to make sure that the manufactured PCB boards are free from LED defects and misplacement. Industries that can benefit from LED lab test systems include:

  • Electronic devices manufacturing
  • Electrical device manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Computer peripherals
  • LED lighting manufacturers and many more

LED Lab Test Approach

The LED testing system uses two different approaches depending on the color sensitivity requirements for the LED lab test:

1.   The first LED testing approach is used to ensure that the assembled LEDs have the right color and LEDs are assembled in a specific color and the right place. For this, a sensor with a lens is placed in the optomechanical space of the LED lab test system. This type of approach tests the devices quickly and efficiently.

2.   The second approach for LED lab tests uses a spectrometer to measure the color of LEDs. The spectrometer accurately measures each LED’s color in the system in a nanometer (nm) and validates the color according to the circuit configuration.

IZAK Scientific offers two different LED color recognition API products based on these approaches and allows manufacturers to choose the right product according to their needs. According to the color sensitivity requirements, manufacturers can use the product that uses the right approach to meet their requirements.


LED color recognition API by IZAK Scientific is a revolutionary product for LED lab test that can be used to test the manufactured PCB boards for the right use of LEDs. LED testing would include checking the system for working, positioning, and right use of color for LEDs. While most LED testing products available in the market require the system to be connected with optical fiber to test LEDs, the LED color recognition API doesn’t require any optical fiber connectivity.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

We purchased LED Color and position tester from IZAK Scientific after having successful projects before and due to their great skills and fast delivery. We needed a solution to test different PCBs, with each PCB having a few LED configurations. IZAK Scientific, led by Tzachi, delivered us an API (dll file) for the LED Tester, along with an example in the LabWindows CVI environment. We integrated IZAK’s LED tester in our tester software. In addition, IZAK also delivered a tester box with an imager and optics, along with relays as a system.

IZAK LED Tester API is a smart and simple, easy-to-learn machine-learning algorithm that learns new PCB in a few minutes. The system allows us to test our PCB quickly and easily in free space configuration. As we integrated the system, we got a full service customized to our specific needs, along with the support from IZAK’s great team.

This was one of few projects we made with Izak Scientific, and the team proved to be professional, with on-time delivery.

Testing Development Manager

Automation & Control Solutions

Moshe, MKS Instrument

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