What is LED functionality, and how can it be tested?

What is LED functionality?

LED functionality refers to how LED bulbs function after being assembled on the PCB boards. The functionality of the LEDs is checked based on how it works under different power options and what color it emits. The LED functionality is checked to make sure that the assembled PCB circuit has LEDs aligned according to the circuit configuration. A problem with functionality may be due to any of the following reasons:

  • LED emits the wrong color
  • LED doesn’t emit any light under different options
  • LED isn’t positioned correctly, or the order of LEDs is different from the configuration

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Why is it important to check LED functionality?

LED functionality can be checked using the LED color tester tool that evaluates the system for LED working, LED order and positioning, and the use of the right color of bulbs in the system.

Why is it important to check LED functionality?

Checking the LED functionality is important to ensure that the system works as required and doesn’t have any errors after the manufacturing is complete. LED functionality ensures that the manufactured batch of PCB circuits or indication bottoms is free from any LED errors, and all the LEDs in the system work as per the configuration requirement.

Checking LED functionality allows PCB manufacturers to ensure that the manufactured PCB is of high quality and free from defects. Manufacturers can include LED tester tools into their existing tester application to easily test the PCB for LED functionality.

How can you test LED functionality?

 To test LED functionality in the PCB, you need an LED checker tool that can detect the position, working, and color of the LEDs on PCB boards and indication bottoms. The LED color and position recognition system by iZAK Scientific can be a great tool that can help test LED functionality without connecting the system with optical fiber. The tool includes an imager with optics and API. The API only includes four commands to test the LED functionality.

Open/Close Camera: the command is used for capturing the image from the camera. Instead of using a camera image, you can also upload an existing image from a path.

Learn new configuration: This command is used to upload a new LED configuration (JSON configuration file), so the system can learn the LED configuration and test the batch for LED functionality.

Test: After learning the configuration, the tool is ready to assess all the LEDs in the system. Use this command to test the system and log the results into a *.csv file.

The LED color and position recognition system is very simple to use and can be used to test LED functionality on a whole batch of PCB or indication bottoms with similar configurations. The tool indicates whether the configuration and color of LEDs are correct and helps identify missing, mismatched, or defective LEDs on PCBs and indication bottoms on electronic circuits.



MKS Instruments, Inc.

We purchased LED Color and position tester from IZAK Scientific after having successful projects before and due to their great skills and fast delivery. We needed a solution to test different PCBs, with each PCB having a few LED configurations. IZAK Scientific, led by Tzachi, delivered us an API (dll file) for the LED Tester, along with an example in the LabWindows CVI environment. We integrated IZAK’s LED tester in our tester software. In addition, IZAK also delivered a tester box with an imager and optics, along with relays as a system.

IZAK LED Tester API is a smart and simple, easy-to-learn machine-learning algorithm that learns new PCB in a few minutes. The system allows us to test our PCB quickly and easily in free space configuration. As we integrated the system, we got a full service customized to our specific needs, along with the support from IZAK’s great team.

This was one of few projects we made with Izak Scientific, and the team proved to be professional, with on-time delivery.

Testing Development Manager Automation & Control Solutions

Moshe, MKS Instrument

Click here to learn more about iZAK Scientific’s LED color and position recognition system.


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