How does Fast PXL allow indoor sports

It is well known that a healthy lifestyle includes sports activities and going out into the clean air and sunlight. This statement became especially true, during the Pandemic. Many who regularly practice sports activities were forced to give up their routine and stay home. Gyms and studios stood empty for many months. Some of them still do. Most experts agree about the secondary health effects of the pandemic as many people who were physically active before couldn’t keep up with their sportive routine, and trade their running shoes with screens and snacks.

In many countries, training in the open air is allowed, as the chances of contracting in the open air are lower. Also, it was found that sunlight functions as a kind of disinfectant. This is because of the sun’s germicidal ultraviolet irradiation. Between the benefits, if physical activity is the reduction in the chance of getting heart disease and Release of endorphins that lower anxiety. Having said that, physical activity is often performed without masks, which significantly increases the chance of infection.

But what do those who are accustomed to practice indoors do, for example, Pilates or even physiotherapy exercises in? The PXL device can disinfect rooms and surfaces sun’s rays but with greater intensity and speed. The PXL allows disinfection of devices and air right before or after training and allows maintaining a routine of healthy sports activities.


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