How can Corporate Sectors disinfect their Office Premises Post-COVID-19?

Months ago, the novel COVID-19 made its debut and became a rockstar across the globe. While the worldwide death nears 1.26 million, still millions of positive cases are popping up every day. For the first time in world history, almost all the countries quarantined themselves to contain lethal coronavirus. However, how long this quarantine can help countries survive?

 The federal and central governments have begun allowing people to get back to their routine lives, including running their businesses and going to job with rigid safety guidelines in place at every possible level. As a result, wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing your hands at regular intervals has become a habit today. But are they sufficient? Not at all!

The Emphasis on disinfecting Office buildings

 Frequent and timely disinfection of the shared surfaces where people meet is quintessential. Particularly, the corporate office premises need the utmost care. If untreated, the employees working in these offices will get highly prone to COVID-19, increasing the chances of transmission to children in their homes. This makes the whole community and society vulnerable to the second wave of the lethal coronavirus.

Given below are some of the important shared surfaces in offices that require mandatory disinfection:

● Common water bottles and cups at the cafeteria

● Shared physical files, folders, documents, papers, and books

●  Room keys handled by admin team members

● Help desk (Pens, Chair, Table, Telephone)

● Cafeteria and entrance door & knobs

● Security office common handles

● Reception desk and table-tops

● Shared keyboard, mouse, and external drives

●  Remote controls for projectors, TVs, monitors, or any other electronics

● Surfaces in the toilets and washrooms

How effective is the UVC Disinfection in Office Disinfection?

Earlier, the hospitality team would ensure proper chemical disinfection procedures throughout the office surfaces. Now, with COVID-19 in play, these chemical disinfectants are out of date. We need a much more powerful, safer, and more effective disinfection method to eliminate the novel coronavirus’s spread. Also, medium scale companies and enterprises cannot anymore afford to pay for highly frequent cleaning and disinfection of each shared surface at the office premises.

There is only one answer to all these. The UVC disinfection method can be the best choice to cater to the needs of these medium-scale companies and corporate offices. Presently, the UVC disinfection is quietly becoming the most popular disinfection method due to its:

 ●  Proven germicidal properties

●  Effectiveness against the COVID-19 related Sars-Cov-2

● Advanced UVC light technology

●  Economical affordability

● Usability and handy features

●  Safety procedures unlike chemical disinfectants

● Eco and human-friendly product type

Which UVC Sanitizer works the best?

A portable, fast-working UVC sanitizer works the best for disinfecting the office premises, shared surfaces, and other office materials/objects. Check out the industry’s most recommended PXL UV light disinfection sanitizer, which has demonstrated high efficacy in killing the microbes. This UVC sanitizer uses Pulsed Xenon UVC light technology to eliminate the COVID-19-related Sars-Cov-2 virus (tested by a third-party microbiology laboratory). No ozone or harmful radiation! Completely safe to use!

Also, try this high-performance PXL UV chamber for bulk disinfection of objects.


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