• Design and Development
    of Electro-Optics
    Wide variety of technological and engineering
    solutions from the whole spectrum:
    UV, Vis, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR.
    Proven record in development of sensors
    and light sources

During the development process, we will present a work plan that generally includes:

  • Implementation alternatives for the  development of light sources, sensors, etc. 
  • Required optical design - according to  customer's specifications for the field of view,  depth of field, uniformity, divergence, etc. 
  • Required electrical design - according to  customer's need for sensitivity, bandwidth,  electronic filter, amplification, noise  reductions, and more
  • Building a setup for measurements and  performing measurements for optimizations 
  • Delivering the light source / sensor / optical  component or system to the customer with  a demo and an extensive documentation  package, according to ISO9001:2015 to  the customer, including specifications,  specification verification, design review files, drawings, measurements, etc.

Every application has different requirements.  For example - in medical-device applications  the absorption of tissue and/or other pigments  or agents should be considered, whereas in  active-observation systems the spectral and  optical properties of the target and atmosphere  are considered.


01Development of light sources,  light sensors and optical devices

We have experience with a wide variety of detectors such as InSb, Si, InGaAs,  and many more, as well as in different technologies such as Photovoltaic, photoconductive, and others. We have also accumulated extensive knowledge  of light source development such as LED, Xenon flash lamp, lasers in various  technologies - diode laser, gas laser, fiber laser, solid-state laser, etc.

During the design process, by consulting the customer we take into account  all the relevant figures such as: system spectral response, bandwidth and  frequency response, uniformity of absorbance medium, field of view, object emissivity, and other important parameters.

03Optical design, optical modeling and optical simulations

Design, modeling, simulation and optimization for lenses, optical components,  and photonics systems. We have vast experience with simulation software and other similar software environment.

02Design and development of electro-optics system

Development of electro-optics systems: Usually electro-optics systems combine light sources, sensors, optical devices,  controllers, computerized control and command software applications among  others. Our company is experienced with rapid development of electro-optics  systems including control engineering software application.

04Hands on engagement in projects - Physicist for hire

Relying on our experience, we helped companies in their own development process which included all services we provided and hands-on measurement  and optimization in either client's laboratories or our own. We also lead  projects and accompanied our clients in the processes.