How Does Hyundai Use UV light to Disinfect Cars

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has impacted the whole world badly, and this has led manufacturers and businesses to shift their focus towards the safety of their customers. The pandemic has forced automobile companies to find a way to prevent the disease from spreading in the vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group uses UV light sanitizing technology in its vehicles and develops an interior cabinet light that can sterilize the interiors. A UV disinfection device mounted on the ceiling of the car can disinfect the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and floor mats.

Need for Sanitization of Vehicles

In May 2019,  NetQuote.com did a study by swabbing the interior for bacteria in taxis, rental cars, and ride-hailing vehicles and compared the results with a toilet seat. The results predicted that taxi seats contain 160 times more germs than a toilet seat, whereas ride-hailing cars contain over 219 times more germs than taxis.

As the COVID-19 has hit the world badly, the risk of infection is everywhere. Even ride-hailing vehicles and taxi businesses have been badly impacted by the threat of virus contamination from shared vehicles. To eliminate this risk, the car manufacturing companies around the world are looking for ways to keep the virus out of the cars.

The ability of UV light to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria makes it a great option for fighting against the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, Hyundai has decided to use UV light disinfection to disinfect the interiors of their cars.

The use of UV light-based devices to kill germs and bacteria dates back to the early 1930s. During that time, Ultraviolet light was used inside a school building in Philadelphia to disinfect the building.

The technology has recently been utilized to disinfect shared surfaces in public areas like airports, hospitals, subways, restaurants, etc. It has been proved useful against deadly coronavirus.

How is Hyundai Planning to Use UV Light?

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) is using UV disinfection in vehicles to keep the customers safe. The company is developing an interior disinfection system that would include ceiling-mounted UV light to sanitize the vehicle’s seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and floor mats.

Moreover, the company is also planning to use UV light to remove pathogens in the air of the vehicles. It is important to note that UV light exposure is harmful to human skin. Exposure to UV light can cause severe damage to the skin and eyes. Hence, any system that would use UV light for disinfection should be active only when no one is present in the vehicle.

If you want to stay safe from the virus and keep it away from your vehicle, home, or office, get your UV light today. Many UV light sanitation devices like PXL sanitizers are available that can be used to kill germs and viruses from shared surfaces that are usually difficult to clean using traditional disinfection techniques. These devices include a feature that protects humans from getting exposed to harmful UV rays.

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