How do UV Light Sanitizers Stand Out from Other Disinfection Methods?

Traditional cleaning and disinfection methods are not enough to eliminate viruses and bacteria from various surfaces. Moreover, cleaning several surfaces like screens, gadgets, furniture, etc. with water and chemical disinfectants is not feasible. In such cases, viruses and germs can cause several diseases.

UV light-based disinfection can be used as a preventive measure to combat pathogens. These disinfectants use ultraviolet radiation to kill germs and viruses from surfaces. Many businesses are hesitant to try this disinfection method as they are not aware of the benefits these devices have to offer. Here is how UV light disinfection stands out from other disinfection methods:

1. Doesn’t Leave Toxic Residue

It is the most important benefit of UV disinfection compared to the traditional chemical-based disinfectants. Unlike harsh chemicals used in the sanitization, UV light doesn’t leave any toxic residue and is completely environmentally friendly. As UV sanitation is chemical-free, it is safe for disinfecting food preparation and storage areas. While excessive UV exposure on humans can be harmful, using protective measures can make it a non-toxic and safe disinfection method for restaurants, food manufacturing units, hospitality, and the medical industry.

2. An Effective Disinfection Process

Ultraviolet Light disinfection is far more effective in disinfecting compared to other traditional chemical-based disinfectants. UV light can kill or disable several harmful organisms. While UV light can destroy spores and molds, traditional disinfectants may not be as efficient. Moreover, they may also leave a damp environment where fungi and mold can flourish. As UV radiation provides dry sanitizing, it will not only eliminate molds but also prevent future growth.

3.  Kills Pathogens

In the medical industry, the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a common problem, and the use of traditional antimicrobial disinfectant has provided awful consequences. However, ultraviolet light can eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and it can’t build immunity against ultraviolet radiation.

4.  UV Disinfection Devices don’t have to be Portable

Another benefit of UV disinfection devices is that they can stay where they are installed and sanitize various surfaces. Just install the device and let it do its work autonomously. Furthermore, UV devices like PXL sanitizer come with a feature to detect human presence and add an extra layer of safety. The device sanitizes surfaces only when a human is not detected around the device.

5.  UV Disinfection Devices are Affordable

It is a misconception that UV light-based sanitizing devices would be costly as they use technology, but that’s not the case. Investing in ultraviolet light sanitizers can save you time and money for years as they don’t involve any maintenance cost. Additionally, as the device operates autonomously, there is no labor cost involved in traditional disinfection methods.

6. UV Sanitizing Devices are Safe to Use

People often ask the question that “Is UV light sanitizer safe to use?” The question arises because exposure to UV radiation can be highly dangerous for humans. But, it is important to remember here that UV disinfection usage is completely safe if used properly.


To ensure proper safety, the device ensures that it only turns on when the area is unoccupied. If sufficient precautions are taken, UV disinfection is safer than traditional disinfectants that use harmful chemicals.

Hence, after looking at all the benefits of UV disinfection devices, it is clear that these devices are safe and can be beneficial during the current pandemic to eliminate coronavirus from the surfaces in your homes and businesses. To know more about ultraviolet light sanitizers click here. 


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