How can you ensure maximum safety in your premises amidst COVID-19?

The world is trying to get back on the track and open doors while the pandemic is still lurking around the corner. Come what may, life goes on. However, this does not mean one has to compromise with their health and safety. While many countries are normalizing, safety standards are on high alert than ever.

How Can Businesses Keep Themselves Safe?

Apart from people following personal hygiene methods like washing hands, social distancing, etc., what should the businesses trying to get back on the track do to ensure protection?

First thing’s first, the protective measures must be implied for both staff and customers alike. Regular cleaning and spraying of disinfectants is one way, but the problem is that there will always remain certain areas and surfaces in constant exposure to touch.

While we know the coronavirus infection can transmit through contact, shared surfaces have a high risk of spreading the virus. COVID-19 infections cannot be seen through the naked eye, making it even more difficult to know whether a surface is clean or not to be touched.

Many industries, like hospitality, healthcare, education, food & beverage, retail, transportation, etc., face the challenge of contamination through shared surfaces. This leaves out a high chance of infection. People are still not devoid of the fear of getting infected.

What is the Solution?

In such a time, a product like the PXL Sanitizer can be of great help in preventing the virus spread. The sanitizer is a compact UV light-enabled tool. Pulsed UV radiation of 200-280 nm is proven to disinfect the air, water, and surfaces. It holds the ability to eradicate even antibiotic-resistant microbes.

What’s even greater news is under certain settings, it can even immobilize novel coronavirus. When the UV light falls on the desired area of action and the area is exposed for a sufficient period, it can disinfect the surface from several types of viruses.

Researchers at Irving Medical Centre of Columbia University in New York have found that UVC light of lower wavelength, which is usually deployed in disinfecting practices, eliminate over 99% of the novel coronaviruses.

The installation of UV light disinfection is also hassle-free. The PXL Sanitizers can be installed easily on the surface which you wish to decontaminate. Common spaces and surfaces like refrigerator handles, glasses, keys, toilet seats, countertops, switches, chairs, etc., can be easily sanitized using UV light-based sanitizer. This decontamination technology is proven and tested to be effective —no more worries of constant cleaning and wiping.

These ultraviolet light sanitizers can be widely used in industries like hospitality, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and beverages, transportation, retail, etc. to disinfect shared surfaces.

Just a word of caution! The UV light used in the sanitizer is only suitable for surfaces, air, and water. Human bodies should keep a distance from it.

While there are many products today in the market, use a reputable device to maximize the efficacy. In every battle with infection, these UV light sanitizers will have your back. No matter what your business or work premises look like, you can ensure 100% safety of all your employees and customers. Know more about PXL Sanitizers here.


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