Upper-Air Disinfection Fixtures installed with UV Light

A microbiome volume-3 study carried out by Aaron J. Prussin II et al. reveals that humans spend more than 90% of their time indoors. On the other hand, in public places like hospitals, schools, and corporate offices, the number of people coming and going increases. In no time, the indoor air and the high-touch surfaces get contaminated. If left untreated, these places shall become the source of ‘n’ number of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and molds. With private indoor areas, the numbers may reduce, but the ill effects remain.

Implications of Poor Upper-Air Quality

Upper-air is one of the major sources of airborne diseases that affect humans. Poor quality of upper-air in indoor buildings and spaces causes high-risk infections. By chance, if these harmful microbes categorize under the communicable disease-causing pathogens, there are higher chances for easy spread or transmission.

This brings the need for frequent upper-air disinfection. Disinfecting the upper-air of an indoor space is essential for both the welfare of the people and the hygiene of the indoor surfaces. Among the different means of disinfecting the upper-air, UV light-installed disinfection fixtures turn out to be the most useful and effective method in today’s COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic situation.

UV Light Fixtures to Disinfect Upper-Air

A wall-mounted UV light fixture can help with a higher quality of air disinfection. This prevents the upper-air from becoming the prime source of airborne infectious microorganisms. The germicidal UV light from these fixtures destroy the disease-causing bacteria and viruses and purify the air. This allows for purified air to conventionally circulate throughout the indoor space. Frequent disinfection of upper-air can reach up to 99.99% over time.

By this means, the disease-causing microbes that are already housed in the air get destroyed. At the same time, new microbes will not enter the indoor air. This improves the air quality to a greater extent, making the indoor space safe for humans. 

Based on the size of the room and air circulation rate, the number of fixtures is chosen.

Advantages of UV Light Disinfection Fixtures

UV light-installed fixtures mounted on the upper walls or ceiling can purify the air and benefit in many ways:

  • No risk of airborne infections
  • Surfaces will be clean and sterilized
  • Reliable upper-air disinfection method
  • Quality of upper-air will increase
  • Impossible for new microorganisms to enter the radiation zone (area falling under a single UV light disinfection fixture)
  • Safe to humans when mounted above the recommended heights

Applications of Upper-Air Disinfection Fixtures

Upper-air disinfection fixtures, also termed as room air sanitizers, can be mounted at various indoor places, including public, private, commercial, and industrial buildings:

  • Public: Airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, theaters, bus/train stations, manufacturing industries, food-processing units, pharmacies, laboratories, warehouses, restaurants, prisons, auditoriums, and parks.
  • Private: Homes, homestays, shared workspaces, clinics, and apartments.

Note: Foot traffic gives insight into the number of fixture equipment needed for a particular building.

PXL UV Light Sanitizers as Disinfection Fixtures

An effective UV light source disinfection equipment, such as PXL UV light sanitizer, can be retrofitted on the wall to make it the room air sanitizer or upper-air disinfection fixture.

Check out how this UV light sanitizer disinfects air!


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