• Ageing your lamp with Fast PXL increases your Xenon lamps’ performance through electrodes electro-polish 

  • Fast pre-assembled ageing operation

  • Our Fast PXL can work up to 100 pulses/sec with 1-5 lamps

  • Few 1000’s pulses in a few minutes

Complementary Products

  • Xenon lamp ignition testers
  • Xenon lamp ageing consoles
  • Xenon lamp burn in tester systems with sensors, data acquisition and software application
  • Wide variety of pulsed power supply, from 2W up to 4kW and more
The processes in which we ageing the xenon lamp called Electro-polishing. 
Electropolishing, is an electrochemical process that removes material from a metallic workpiece. It is used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts. In our case the Xenon Lamp Test chambers operate lamp at high repetition rate (before shipping to end customer) to smooth the electrodes surface.
 Is it effective for Bulbs?
Electropolishing is effective in treating the carbide precipitation condition that occurs in the heat-affected zone during welding. It also improves the chrome to iron ratio on the surface which greatly improves the corrosion resistance. When it comes to lamps electropolishing is highly important considering the high temperature during ignition and Regular operation

Main benefits of electropolishing (in general) :

•Micro finishing
•Corrosion Resistance
Fatigue life Improvement

Professional Insights into Xenon Lamp Ageing from Experts

“The results showed a significant improvement that effect positively on strength, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance”

A technique to remove scale or oxidation from the surface of a heat-treated metal” https://www.besttechnologyinc.com/electropolishing-equipment/how-does-electropolishing-work/#ProcessSteps

“xenon flash lamps are used for stroboscopes, applying a periodic sequence of pulses. Here, they usually need to be fired with a substantial repetition rate. They should thus be optimized for that mode of operation”



Operating voltage

# lamps to operate

Lamp voltage

Ignition level





Fast PXL 100120-10

110-220 VAC

1-5 lamps


Can be adjusted


Setup by software or manually

Software application / Manual control


30cm x 35cm x 35cm


For more info please see the attached brochures:

Ageing Console Brochure

Ageing Console Brochure

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